10 July 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 20

It's hard to believe that I started this series several months ago already and that it is finally coming to an end. I still haven't released my dream town but I am close to finishing the landscaping and only need to finish my character's houses then, so I guess this challenge went along with a lot of change in my actual game, too.
As announced in part 19, I will talk about parts of the game today, that are so closely connected to the game itself that they become invisible sometimes and we forget them easily because they are just there all the time (at least some of them seem kind of meta - if you know what I mean).
So this part will include the last couple of favorites; Q67 ~ 70.

67 my favorite seasons

My favorite seasons, just like in real life - are spring and autumn. It's just the time with the most fun events, the greatest colors of nature and all the goodies.
I guess I just grew addicted to change or symbolisms of it and the changing seasons between summer and winter just always get me somehow. I'm not a fan of extreme cold nor extreme heat and so this is all I need. Beside, the cherry trees that bloom for 10 days at the beginning of every April in-game and the way the trees turn all colors of yellow and orange in autumn is just too cute to ignore.

source ♡
68 my favorite events

This one is really hard. I like a lot of the events and Animal Crossing is actually the only sphere in which I enjoy Halloween - this is definitely one of the most fun events.
I also really like the Harvest Moon Festival and Bunny Day. I guess all kinds of interactive mini-game-events are fun. I don't take part in the weekly fishing tourneys or bug catching tornaments but you will always find me starting a new notebook page to collect clues during the Advent time in preperation for Toy Day or catch feathers like a madman during the Festivale, just to impress Pavé.
According to the Animal Crossing Wiki, the Cherry Blossom Festivale (the 10 days during which your town transforms into a fairy land due to all the pink blossoms) and the Mushrooming Season are seen as Events as well... OK, then I have to include these as one of my favorites, too.

69 my favorite weather

This is one of the meta-things I was talking about.
The changing weather conditions and seasons are definitely two of the things that make this game so special and versatile. My favorites are: snow (though I start to miss all the green & get super excited about spring each year) - the way the background music changes is just so magical and cute, meteor showers (which can be listed as events too, but for me they are natural phenomena, so deal with it), cumulonimbus clouds and nothern lights.
The way the music changes for rain is really cute too, don't get me wrong and how all the animals twirl around their umbrellas gets me everytime - but the things I named before are just what I personally like better.

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70 my favorite daytime music

Honestly I love the music in this game and how it changes every hour of the day and there are so many beautiful songs that play throughout 24h. 
However, I picked my favorites: 1AM, 3AM, 5AM and 7AM
It's weird how I like the night-songs the most, though I hardly get to listen to them because I usually don't stay up that late to play... 
You can check each hour's songs out on youtube and if you can't get enough of these sounds, there is an add-on I've been using for a longer time already that you should definitely check out! I don't know if it is available for all browsers, but it works just fine for Chrome, so if you've particularily sold your soul to google - like I did - you should be fine.
It's called Animal Crossing Music and you can choose from which game's songs you want to listen to (they have everything back to Animal Forest), set the volume, get the magical snowing effect I talked about (at least for the NewLeaf option) and enable other cute features like random K.K. Slider mashups every Saturday after 10pm.

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PS: Leaving out the music, my favorite time of the day in Animal Crossing is early morning (5AM-9AM), when everyone is still asleep and the the sun just rose, and Late Afternoon (4PM-6PM), when the sun sets and the first stars show up, because the whole atmosphere around this time is either fresh and calm, or peaceful and romantic.

I'm really happy about everyone who read the past 20 parts of this challenge and enjoyed my blabbing about this game. 
Rumor has it the next main game will connect to an app on your phone and you can bet I'm already on my toes for that. I try to keep it a little cool though, because I found other games I really enjoy playing, too. However, Animal Crossing is just really special and I guess I've shown that often enough the past couple of months.
Preparing the more in-depth tips and guides about the game is taking a lot of time but I will continue to bring them out, simply because the planning already took so much time and it would be a waste and betrayal to all the effort and me - quite personally.
Eventhough this challenge didn't receive half as much feedback as I thought it would, I was really happy about each and every little comment I got to read and hope that some people might be inspired to try this game themselves because it brought me so much joy over the past couple of years - the thought of other people enjoying it just as much makes me smile for the rest of the day.
Which is your most favorite thing in Animal Crossing?
Tell me in a comment below.

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