22 March 2017

hiatus on yukulicious ♡

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I've been offline here for so long that I don't even remember how to start a decent blogpost...

It's been in fact almost 3 months since I last set foot on my own blog and while I did think about it from time to time, there are just so many other things on my mind right now.
I was thinking about restructuring my content and giving this blog a new face for almost 6 months now but I just can't find the time to make up my mind and think everything through right now - let alone get my hands on any HTML/CSS related stuff.

Beside the time I spend on my part-time job, I need to concentrate on my research for my B.A. thesis right now and will take two other classes for my graduate-programm this summer, too.

Moreover there are a lot of other creative projects in my head right now (I've been rather active with my fanfiction writing, for example) and I want to take the time to work on these because the immense joy I find in writing has resurfaced after years of writer's block.
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I don't want to give up blogging for good, but right now there is just too much other stuff to take care of, so I feel like there is no way around me taking a longer break from blogging.

It's a hobby after all and while I like to be dedicated and invested in keeping everything up with a schedule I don't want to make it feel like a chore.
It just feels wrong to force myself to create content I know I'm not content with right now.

I don't want any of my followers to feel sad because after all, I'm still around. But I hope that this will shed some light and will make it easier for everyone to understand why yukulicious has been lacking updates these past weeks and probably will for another couple of months.

I'm pretty active on my tumblr and twitter, though so feel free to join in on my shenanigans there!

- yuku ♡

2 January 2017

a month in a nutshell ♡ 2016.12

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The last weeks have passed like a blur and after realizing that I haven't done anything for New Year, let alone a year or at least December in a nutshell, the two first days of the new year are already over. 
For the sake of completeness, I'm here to send in the last (horribly belated) month in a nutshell for 2016 today, which only consists of a handful of highlights that I captured last month.