22 May 2012

welcome to yukulicious ♡

Hi, Hello and Welcome to

This is my new weblog on blogger.com.
My old one will be closed... At least no further uploads are plannend.
It took some time to prepare YUKULICIOUS but I planned to at least rework my design for a longer time back and because I realized it would be much better having a title which works with the adress as well I wanted to change it.
But it would have been kinda troublesome because many of my friends who aren't following me on blogger but use to check up my blog from time to time just knew the old adress and all my old photos - partly spread over Internet - just have the old adress on them as well.
So it was much easier to 'just' create a whole new weblog...

I hope all my old followers will be back here again too.
I would be sad about losing any of them. ;_;
With that new weblog I also want to get myself to improve my blogging style and everything what has to do with it.

Maybe I should also introduce myself to other readers who might not know me till now...

My name is Yuku.
I'm a 18 years old adolescent from Germany, living near Berlin.
I just finished school and want to study Japanese studies beginning this Autumn.
I'm a great fan of Korean Pop, Japanese rock music and Visual Kei since I ever saw it.
But I'm inspired by various Japanese {and Korean} styles and impressions.

I'm obbsessed with mangas (rather BL or shonen than shojo), animes and games.
It's almost as strong as my proclivity for fashion, shopping, make-up and shoes. haha
I'm sure you'll notice that even though I have many female character trades I tend to feel more comfortable being androgynous as really girlish.
'have my problem accepting gender roles and stuff... /:

Anyway... I hope that I'll have fun sharing happenings and impressions of my life with you here and maybe making new friends as well. 
Have fun checking out my more detailed page ABOUT ME if you are still curious and please have a nice stay at my weblog !


  1. I am following you again~
    Your previous blog was cute. But fresh starts are always amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot.
      I'm happy you're following me again! ♥

  2. Awww your pictureeeee~~
    It's so cute X3~~~

    1. Awww!
      It's the first time I remember getting a comment from you. ♥
      Thanks. w//w

  3. booh. ich hab dich schon vermisst... iwie hatte mir doofe bloggers nicht angezeigt dass du einen post geschreiben hattest vonwegen neuer blog und so.
    hachja, aber willkommen ♥♥♥