18 June 2012

{travel} rainy day but nice company - prague trip [day 5]

Sorry for my late update now. But I'm home again and had to work yesterday...
The day before I sat almost 5h in the train back home and was at my place in the late evening.
That's why you had to wait till now...
But I'll continue now!

Thursday was a really, really rainy day.
It already rained when we got up. But we decided to go to our last sight seeing / culture point on our list for the trip: it's called Vyšehrad, and if I remember right it's called one of the roots of Prague.
There is a big, big church/cathedrale. A nice graveyard and some ruins - clustered together in a pretty parkway.

 we went there by underground. that's how they look in Prague.

cute kitten which just appeared behind us.

looks artistic as well as scary...
never saw such a beautiful and unusual tombstone...

cute kitten liked me and came to cuddle. ♥
eh. yes, every weather is ice cream weather !
Afterwards we went back to the city of Prague and visited two churches. In fact there are many churches which appear quite gloomy inside and that's why I don't like them. I get the creeps from churches.
Funerals and graveyards are interesting. Really! haha
The we decided to go to the 'Asia Market' about which our guide talked on our arrival...
He told us that there are many stalls where you could buy cheep stuff from friendly Asians.
In fact the market was full of creepy Czech people who were simply annoying. You couldn't take a proper look on the things they sold because they always started talking to you and tried to make you buy something. Creepy and annoying. Also the market wasn't what I expected.
Guess I'm spoilt with the image of London's Camden market. pfff

only church there from which I didn't got the creeps...

We ate at KFC but I think I still prefer McDonalds.

Maybe I'll write the last two days in one post later.
We went shopping the last day but as always I didn't take much photos of it... and on saturday we actually just went to the main train station and got back to Germany and then back home....
I think I'll combine both days in my last Prague trip entry later...
Stay tuned and happy!

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  1. Wunderschöne Fotos....sehr beeindruckend, sowas scheints bei uns gar nicht bzw kaum zu geben :/ schade eigentlich