14 June 2012

{travel} a day off from holidays - prag trip [day 4]

Yesterday was our lazy day!
Sounds odd if I think about it properly... I mean... I'm on a class trip where I can do whatever I want to - actually. 
But we ran through the whole city the past two days so this day we decided to cancel break fast to sleep longer and went to the market to get us some fruits before we went to a small island at the Moldau where we did a picnic.
We were just three this time - Kathi, Lena and me but we had much of fun.
It wasn't sunny and a bit windy but still OK. 
We played cards, fooled around and ate almost till 5pm before we went back to the hotel.
It was really nice to just do actually... nothing.

No need to panic - today was again with more 'culture' and stuff.
We'll go shopping tomorrow so be prepared.

Here now some photos of that day!

playing cards... [phase 10]

 cute ducklings and their mommy ♥

wore my super awesome LM.C tour t-shirt. *^*

Stay tuned and happy !


  1. bah bist du dünn D: *neid*
    klingt aber nach einem dennoch sehr schönen, entspannten tag, solche sollte man auch mal genießen können ;D

  2. What I would give for a lazy day like this. School's just gotten back in for us and I'm stuck in college doing homework and studying. BOO.

    I hope you don't mind if I follow you. It's nice to find a blog about personal escapades once in awhile haha.

    Care to follow back? http://ada-nikki.blogspot.com

  3. Looks like such a fun and happy day :D
    All those yummy fruits *_*