19 June 2012

{travel} shopping, heat & welcome home - prague trip [day 6 & 7]


As I promised, my last post about the Prague trip. hoho

Thinking back it was a really, really nice week.
Unfortunately the people from my grade I used to hang around with weren't on that trip.
My grade split up into two groups who do several class trips because they somehow couldn't agree on the location. And some others just don't go on a trip at all. Saving money, not in the mood, no friends... I dunno. 
Anyway I had a great time because even though I didn't hang around with them often in school, my room mates where close friends or surprisingly became pretty good friends through this week.
I'm really happy about that. 
So all in all I really enjoyed my last class trip!
Now... back to the topic.
As I already told you we[Kathi, Lena and me] went shopping on Friday.
It was really nice, the weather was nice - not too hot and we had many plans.
Prague is perfect for shopping - sooo many unique shops and boutiques.
We weren't in all shops we saw the week and actually decided to check them out on Friday by far.
But we had much to do anyway. hehe
Here a few photos of that day and my gets.
The gets-photos are taken back home and I couldn't take a photo of everything since one item is still in the wash...

my outfit for the day. i really love it.

all together ! (Lena, Kathi & me - f.l.t.r.)

super awesome t-shirt at TOP SHOP

but I had not enough money anymore... ;^;

lovely dress I saw at Tally Weijl
I guess I should search for it in a German shop as well.
I wish I just had bought it.    

choco cookie and vanilla cream frappuchino.

 I just needed to share this photo. 
It's form a Bata shop we checked out.
It had 6 floors... 6 floors full of shoes. 
But they were really expensive. 

From claire's.

From C&A.
From H&M.

I finally, finally, FINALLY found a strap with a Y!
I never found a charm like that before and that's why I decided to spend my last money (after buying some food for the trip home) on it when we went to the Palladium again on Saturday.
Actually I thought about buying cute Momoko earrings (see below).
Lena noticed them, called me and the Otaku inside of me awoke. 
But in the end I grapped the Y - it was cheaper too.


From C&A.

They are from NEWYORKER as well and their sound is simply great.
I just had to buy them because they reminded me so bad of 
カノン[Kanon] (ba. アンティック-珈琲店-).
OK, his were black at the Ryuusei Rocket - shooting but anyway... 
I love stars and I wanted this kind of headphones for a longer time... true story!

Because it was our last evening the whole group of us went to eat dinner together again.
As a kind of ritual after we did so the first evening as well.
I shared - again - with Jessi and the dish we had was really, really delicious. So much better than the food in the hotel and in the restaurant from our first day !!

On our last day we had to leave our rooms at 10am. 
After that it took nearly 1h till they checked all rooms and we got our bail back.
Afterwards Lena, Kathi and I went to buy some food and drinks for the journey.
But it was super hot and sunny. 
Actually you don't wanted to move in case to save energy to survive the heat... 
Our train left at 14:39h so we had enough time to do something but spend most of it in the shadow at the hotel's curtilage. In the train we had place cards for three compartments... but then the aircon in our lore failed!
We got some other seats three lores apart and went there with all our stuff. I didn't took any photos of us there because we all just looked shitty in that desert-like conditions!

yummy sandwiches.
When we arrived in Berlin main train station around 19:13h Henny waited for us/me!
I was so surprised to really see here there even though she talked about coming to welcome us when we left on Sunday.
She brought some Sushi which we shared on our way home and I got this  lovely hand made cassette case.
It was part of a former art project of her and I already told at her presentation in class that I'd love to have one as well. Now I got it and I felt so gulty because I couldn't find a fitting souvenir for her...
Anyway... We decided to meet for Shopping or just for eating Sushi soon again. I really look forward to it because Henny has almost the same taste of music, fashion and also Manga/Anime I have.

So... this is the end of that super long post!
And it was also the end of that class trip and journey.
I hope you liked it and I just want to thank all of you who wrote comments. 
I'm really happy

This Wednesday is the last school day for my dear P*Chan so she'll hopefully finally have time for me again.
She'll come to my place on Wednesday and stays till Friday. 
We did way too less since I finished school... ;^;
Hope we'll make up leeway. ♥

Stay tuned and happy !
I'm going to bed now... It's already 01:08 here in Germany. (;

 now listening to: 四季彩 by SuG 


  1. Loving the headphones and the cassette tape wallet thingy. So creative!

    Thanks for the long post :P I actually enjoy them more haha. Stay happy as well!

    Ada xoxo

  2. Awww, klingt sehr schön, und ich finds lustig dass alle Klassenfahrten zum shoppen nutzen xD (meine Klassenkammeraden auch...) nur immer wenn ich auf 'ner Klassenfahrt war, durfte man natürlich nichts, daher bin ich erst recht daheim geblieben, aber weißt ja eh bescheid x3 ♥

    1. da bei uns 15 von 17 Leuten eh 18+ waren haben wir quasi NUR gemacht, was wir wollten.. q: