20 June 2012

{★} one lovely blog award ♥

When I got up today and turned on my laptop to check my blog, comments and the blogs I'm following (like every morning) I got surprised by Angi, the lovable author of Akai no Kuchibiru !
She nominated me for this:

One lovely blog award ♥ !!

I mean... I'm blogging for almost a year, but never felt successful in any way and still think that I have much to learn, much to improve... So I was actually more than just surprised...
I was almost shocked - I didn't believe was I saw and at the same time I was really touched.
In the end it doesn't appear so much different from these funny tag games but it's an award so I feel really... eh... yeah... honored? 
Thank you so much, Angi !

The rules:

-Post the award image on your blogpost/sidebar/page ✓

-Link the person who has awarded you ✓

-Post 7 random things about you ✓

1) I'm a really tidy person.
2) When I was young I couldn't stand Pikachu 
what's now one of my favourite Pokémons.
3) I tend to be kinda nerdy.
4) I have an obsession for fake lashes.
5) My favorite number is 13.
6) I'm a bloody perfectionist.
7) I always need money. (who doesn't?!)

-Nominate other 15 relatively new blogs. 

I won't. I'll nominate persons, yeah.
But I think such an award is not like a simple tag game.
There will be people I want to nominate who maybe won't notice it.
But I want you to check out their weblogs anyway because they are really worth it.
Plus I don't get that 'relatively new blogs' - thing.
Are older blogs not lovely anymore... ?
I don't want to bitch about that rule in the first place, 
just make you understand why I won't follow it completely.

Here are my nominees: 

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  1. http://yasha-hime.blogspot.de/2012/06/liebster-blog-award-from-lau.html

    You got tagged with the Liebster Blog Award! X3~

  2. Haha congrats! I was the one that tagged Angi and I was supposed to tag you as well but I wasn't entirely sure if you'd been nominated already (because I assumed such a lovely blog as yours would have been nominated much earlier on)

    Silly me. But you definitely deserve it! *huggles*