11 July 2012

{★} as a general proposition - english fanfictions?

As the title already implies: I'd like to know - once again - what my readers would like to read here...
As some might already know I'm writing fanfictions as a hobby for some years now and thought about writing English versions of them as well - to offer readers from other countries to read them as well.

I'm thinking about renewing my weblog layout sooner or later anyway and with this I could open a section for fanfictions - if you are interested in it...
Because: I really would like to translate or rather write English versions of my works too but if actually nobody reads it then it would be in vain.
Till now I've ''released'' my stories at fanfiktion.de (for all German readers who might get interested after reading this post) I linked my profile in the sidebar.
To make things clear from the beginning: I haven't written non-BL fanfictions for a couple of years now and I doubt I will start writing hetero-romantic stuff again.

Now... well... About my current project: 


I started this project after I got a JinDa [KAT-TUN] request from one of my dear readers at fanfiktion.de...But while creating the storyboard and stuff I really got into this couple and now I really appreciate working on that.

Something about the plot:
Akanishi Jin is a selfish and arrogant young men who just returned from a year abroad he spend in America.
He returns to his old theatre where he started his career as an actor.
But during that year much has changed there... now his old trainee, a small, shy boy with pale skin and thick lips became the theatres new starlet. Ueda Tatsuya became a handsome young man with selfconfidence and charisma... But even though Jin has to admit that Ueda obviously has a great talent and amazing acting skills he can't believe his ears when Yagashi, their boss and stage director, tells him to act with Ueda as the two lead characters of their new play - an adaption of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet.

Yeah. So tell me, if you are interested and if I should start to write an English version of it and maybe also my following projects or not...

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  1. Hi, Yuku! ♥
    My favorite character in Soul Eater.. Hm! That's difficult for me to answer, haha. As I've written in an entry on my blog, I have a hard time picking single favorites!

    But the characters I like the most are Soul, Blair and Death the Kid!

  2. AHAHAHA. I didn't know there was someone on my bloglist who reads/writes JE fiction! Actually, I didn't know you were a JE fan at all! But now that I think about it, you DO have the tag "KAT-TUN" on your left sidebar haha. I'm so dense lol.

    I happen to follow almost all JE groups, even the Senpai and Junior groups haha. I'm actually quite interested in your fanfiction, but let's just keep that discreet haha. :P ;)

    Looking forward to it *hinthintnudgenudge*