14 July 2012

{fashion} a june's outfit post [1/2]

Simple as that. Just a outfit shot I made back in June and want to share now.
★ extensions by HAIRTRADE.com
★ smiling cookie necklace by claire's
★ cross t-shirt by NEWYORKER
★ black tight pants by 1982
★ cardigan by H&M
★ bracelets by various shops
★ bag by Sanrio

 now listening to: 春夏秋冬 by 愛狂います。


  1. I'm in love with the cross tee <33 your hk hairclip is also cute. I haven't put on proper make//done proper hair in a while~

  2. *________*
    Das T-shirt ist so toll! <33

  3. Ich war letztends kurz davor mir auch so'n Shirt zu holen... aber iwie...doch nicht.
    Ich bereus Dx *dir wegnehm* xD

  4. das Shirt!!! ^-^

    ich hab total lange immer nach sowas ausschau gehalten und nie gefunden.. tja new yorker, wer hätte das gedacht :D

    ich liebe kreuze *-* <3