19 July 2012

{gets} JUNE - shopping spree with p*chan

Back in June I met up with my dear p*chan to celebrate the start of her summer vacation. 
While she was all excited and craving for free time and sun... I'm slightly annoyed by the fact that I wasn't doing anything in actual since my graduation.... and the sun didn't appear appreciably often anyway. 
So on this... Thursday? I don't remember exactly we found our way to a small shopping spree.
It was nice to do so again.
Though I had a limit of 50€ which I got as a late Prague-pocket money from my lovely mom. ♥
We went to Potsdam, to the shopping center we tend to go always.
It was really fun spending time together again also because it was SALE and I'm always happy when it's SALE. haha
There were some things I put back though I really wanted to have them... It's hard with just 50€ in SALE...
Also because I didn't saved money up for shopping what I usually do. So I'm used to ... more? eheh...
Anyway. My outfit and a few photos and some of my gets! ★

 ★ extensions by HAIRTRADE.com
★ cross necklace by claire's
★ vampire smiley top by NEWYORKER
★ loop shawl by H&M
★ cardigan borrowed from p*chan 
(most lovely black cardigan I ever wore!!)
★ black hot pants by ??
★ knee highs by C&A
★ fur heels by Deichmann
(★ bunny bag by C&A)

we shared sushi as lunch because it's quite expensive there. 

my gets. hoho

from H&M.

from H&M
(but by far not as great as the one I borrowed before)


'just couldn't resist this nerdy T-Shirt!!

from SAHARA (bought at Deichmann)
I still wonder why I bought new sandals... 
when it's raining the whole time now anyway...  

 now listening to: Charmant no Ura by UVERworld 


  1. omg ich liebe den smiley pulli *_*
    und du siehst so hübsch aus! solltest öfter fotos von deinem hübschen gesicht posten,d ie nicht allzu nah vor der cam sind, damit man es mal in voller pracht bewundern kann *3* (mensch klingt das schlimm xD sorry)

  2. Oh der Smiley-pullover ist ja süß. *__*
    Wieso sehe ich sowas nie bei New yorker? Überhaupt das Outfit ist total süß~

    Das nerdige T-shirt ist ja cool ^^

  3. Total tolle Sachen *_* und ich find dich so hübsch <3

  4. UWAH. I love that little smiley face top *_* It looks so casually chic. Awesome haul by the way lol. You buying sandals when it's raining reminds me of me buying boots in the middle of summer LOL. We all do it - it's one of the things girls have problems with LOL.

    Thanks for sharing Yuku. btw, I love the song you're listening to right now :3


  5. Haha ich mag das nerd-shirt sehr gerne mit der brille und gruen geht sowieso immer! Echt schade dass Sushi so ueberteuert ist in Deutschland, wo es in Japan doch eigentlich eher Fastfood ist :/ Liebe Grueße!