29 August 2012

{life update} AUGUST: gathered stuff [1/2]

August is almost over again and so I feel like I should do some posts to get rid of the photos on my hard drive... to share them with you.
Actually there was not so much going on in August - so I'll embellish it a bit with photos - as always.

I went to the dentist and got a cute sparkling stone on one of my incisors.. but it's hard to take a photo of it... at least if you don't want to look totally awkward - or like a rabbit.
I got up to nonesense with the camera which I have in my new laptop...

& I started to play Pokémon Saphire again and now I'm on my way to become Unova's new champion on my White Edition - OK. I spend much time adoring N, but anyway...

...then I spend some days with Henny and Kathi at Kathis place... I did it two times but just have photos of the first couple of days... (what makes no difference since we did the same everytime).
Actually it was... sitting together, stalking around on TUMBLR, listening to - most of the time - K-POP and watch some Dramas or playing some Pokémon from time to time.
We are so talented to dawdle away. x)
But it was a good time. I never thought I'd like to do nothing so much. haha

TUMBLR & noodle soup.

I started drawing... now Kasumi is waiting... How do you like Brock?

love for his tail wagging onix. 

We were on a friends birthday party and I talked with Henny till 4:30am or something like that. 
That's my favorite photo of the evening. ⇊ (Henny and her peanut puff moustache )

outfit via Instagram

... I played some playmobile with my little sister.... yep.
It was one of my favorite games when I was young... my brother and I have tons of it and actually my sis is the luckiest girl ever because she has it ALL now. But obviosuly she's not that super huge playmobile-playing kinda child. A pitty...

I'll do a second post about August soon - just need to fix the photos and everything...
There will hopefully be a day 19 of my music video challenge today as well, so stay tuned!

 now listening to: Ah Hah! by LM.C (apple crush mix) 


  1. love the pics of you and oh my god, love your drawing *_*
    Need to play pokemon again!

  2. 8D willkommen im club der wieder pkm addicted leuten! gehör ich auch zu (spiel aber die black vers. ♥)
    deine outfits sind sehr süß <3 kyaa! x3
    und playmobil *3* uh hab ich bei meiner sis letztens auch gespielt wegen meiner nichte <3 die wollte ariel mit mir spielen, süß! keke
    und die sachen hat sie auch (fast) alle von mir, da ich auch viel kram davon hatte xD

  3. Ich liebe das Bild wo du dich als Katze gezeichnet hast! Sieht total süß aus! >w<
    haha, ich und ne' Freundin hocken meistens auch nur mit unseren Lapis bei mir und machen meistens genau das selbe was ihr gemacht habt xD
    Whaa, kannst du gut zeichnen! o_o Ich liebe es!! >o<

  4. oh my!! you are good in drawing!! i like it so much! you have the potential!! i enjoy reading your post, very interesting hahah how's that child play? i'm sure you miss your childhood days, isn't it? hehe!! and you are totally gorgeous ^___^