26 August 2012

{★} lygo's tag

As promised, here we go with a TAG I got quite a while ago.
Sorry for keep you waiting, lygo!


Each person must answer to those 11 questions the tagger has set and post answers. Then choose 11 persons to tag and link them in your post. Create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer. Don't tag back. 

1. What kind of party do you like?

LAN partys?
.... it always depends on my mood and the people there. I'm actually not the fan of big parties or lot dancing...
Maybe one of the reasons I don't like discos so much. I enjoy if you have good music on a party... but I'm more the 'let's sit together, have some drinks and good talks'- kinda party guy. 

2. What's your favorite place?

My room; my bed.
There are places I never was before but I'm sure I'd love them....

3. What kind of body you like?

... to have or ... to see ''on'' a partner?
I don't like if people have too many muscles, looks artificial and dull.

4. Most important in your make-up?

Base & eye liner. my eyes tend to look so small.

5. Style you don't like?

Depends on the people who wear them. I didn't like hopper for a long time but I just noticed that beautiful people can wear every style without looking shit in them. 

6. Going movies or watching at home?

I feel like I repeat myself: depends on the people I'm with. 
I like to watch movies in cinema but most of the time I have not enough money....

7. facebook or twitter?

twitter. but I use fb as well.

8. Your biggest inpiration?

internet. because i couldn't decide on someone specific...

9. Person who knows you best?

my best friend.

10. Your favorite cd?

I'd say Thrill Ride Pirates from SuG. 
because it's one of my favorites CDs I actually own as CD.

11. One goal you're going to reach?

Going to Japan. I'll definitely will.

Choose from a Question Set here, I'll create new ones the next time... and I tagged:

 now listening to: the WORLD by Nightmare 

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