15 December 2012

{★} LIFE'S MISSION: stay optimistic 「2012-12-21」

I'm sorry. I was too busy to do a Christmas time related blog post till now and also this won't be one.
Actually I'm quite stressed out and in a horrible mood because of that but I'll try my best to relax a bit now...

. . . . . . . . .

Phew. Now it's a little better.
I'm literally drowning in my university stuff and domestic works and Christmas presents preparations and the organisation of my holidays... and chocolate but this is a quite positive feature on top.
What I actually want to write about today is... what I think about the 21st December 2012.

[disclaimer: I'm sarcastic and cynic but I have no intention to be disrespectful to anyone. Not to religious people, to no one!]

We had a bunch of rumors going on for a few years now that on this day the world will end.
... well. that sounds kinda funny. 

Those rumors are reasoned in the end of the Maya's calender.
But did you actually know that the calender just ended. They said that in our 2012 it will be a year of big changes and that is the reason their computation of time ends there or would change too.
Many peoples changed their calenders to another in human's history - sowhat.
If Mayas had clairvoyant powers... I think they would had made stuff up just to troll the rest of the world.
They would have made up strange and disgustingly horrible stories how monsters or zombies seize the world domination or destroy earth...
In the end they didn't need to do this but we trolled ourselves nonetheless. 
After actually panicing from time to time and discussing about the world's end and everything.
... about a week before that disastrous day (a few days ago) , they even said in the NEWS that people missunderstood the calender. 
Oh. Really?
And I was actually wondering if the whole world gave up all hope already because no one was panicing anymore. But seriously, that would have been a damn lame apocalypse.
Everybody gets up in the morining to get a good break fast before they gather on big places to be transported to hell or they are waiting for aliens to wrap them up? 

Another thing: how? How should the world end?
They weren't even clear about this. 
Maybe a big explosion. But earth is not old enough for that actually.
I honestly think that 24 hours are way too less to kill every person and every being on earth. Apocalypse needs more than 24hours.

I don't exactly believe in God, or at least not that it took him 7 days to build earth. 
But if he did - dang! - he'd be miserable if it only tooks 24 hours to destroy everything he ever did.
I trust he would be a better craftsman - if I'd be a person who actually believes this.

So what all this teaches us actually is something we hear way too often and don't take it serious most of the time.
Not because we don't believe that life would be better with it but because it's not the easiest thing you can think about.

Live without regrets.
Live life to the fullest and don't regret.
You won't be afraid of the world to end then. Less doubts, less bad thoughts.
Always try to be the best you could be.
It's basically about not being perfect or always the best but to be proud of yourself and also, to forgive you for your own faults or weaknesses at times.
You'll never be flawless but you have still the right to be happy.
Don't make it harder for yourself.

The thought of a sudden end of the world actually just calls back the aim of living every day as it was the last.
To appreciate every moment. Because that is one of the things our lifes lack of at times.
We are too stressed, we are too busy and we forgot about so many moments.
We aren't afraid about them to get lost. We should at least be aware of them to... go on, to go away.
Seeing our life's as moments... we would be aware, wouldn't we?

This blog post is actually not about 2012-12-21.
Because I don't believe the world will end.
It's actually just about the fact that I want to be more aware again.
That I want to be happy with my life and stay positive. I don't want to sit there - one week before my life ends and regret things I didn't do because I was afraid of them to happen.
I won't give up my hopes and dreams and wait for the world's end to happen.

I think, if the world would end within a week, I'd know.
I'd feel it in my bones. 
But the only things I feel right now are a little stress because of the homework I have to do, a slight smile because I have to think of my boyfriend, the glare of my dog, because she wants me to go for a walk with her and some Korean music and the voice of one of my best friends in my ears.
And it's good to feel like that. To be alive.

Let's stay positive and appreciate our moments. 
Let's not regret.


  1. Good on you Yuku~! I don't believe the world will end either and people need to start living their lives better. People take "You live only once" for granted and use it as an excuse to do stupid things, when really they should be trying to live their life to the fullest, without any regrets and with the appreciation for the life they were given.

    Thanks for helping me put life back into perspective~


    1. Exactly.
      I'm happy that you understood what I wanted to say and I'm even happier if it will help you to be happier in the future ans more aware of the small things in life too. :)

  2. I'm not religious either. But if the world would end, by a giant meteor or the biggest economy crash ever or whatever the cause, there's not much one can do about it. ^-^

    I'm glad to hear you're making an illustration for one of your friends, it really is an awesome gift to recieve something handmade. Especially since you're shy about your art, they'll know you trust them and that it's only for them~ ÓwÒ

    1. ... that's another point which is true. haha
      But a meteor would be really... thrilling, wouldn't it? xD

      Aww... thank you. <3
      I hope she'll like it.

  3. What a beautiful message! I think it's important to stay positive, too.
    Though I sometimes panic a little bit, I don't think the world will suddenly end.
    You're attitude is great! ^-^ I'll try to appeciate my life and all the wonderful moments it gives me.
    Have a nice day & good luck with your university work. ♥

    1. I'm happy you liked it and it may help you in your everyday life.

      Thank you for your wishes too. ♥

  4. nice post :D
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back ^_^

    1. Thanks for your comment. :D
      But I'm sorry.
      I don't like follow-back-"contracts".
      I follow blogs I like not to gain followers. :)
      Your blog is pretty and lovely and maybe I'll follow you sooner or later but not now.
      So don't be mean or sad please.