31 December 2012

{life update} Late Christmas

I was really happy when one of my readers asked me about how I spend my Christmas and I really, really wanted to write about it.
Actually it's time to state your New Year's resolutions now and write a small resume of the year and such but honestly... it's more disturbing if you have to do a Christmas related post after New Year. 


This is going to be super picture heavy. I hope I'll find a way to arrange everything in a logical order...

As every year I spend Christmas with my family. Yes.
On Christmas Eve I was with my parents, my siblings and my granny.
We sang Christmas songs, had a really good meal and I recieved so many presents I felt like I'd die in excitement. Yes, I did make a list with my wishes. 
Yes, I wanted a new Nintendo GBA/DS console because my first and only broke. 
Yes, I thought about getting the new 3DS. 
Yes, I wanted the new Pokémon White 2 Edition so bad. image
But I never dreamed of recieving ALL of this. image
I even got a curling iron form my father though he actually gave some money for my new ice white Nintendo too.
My family is the best. I can't even describe how happy I was, how stunned I was. 

I spend the next day home, also because I watched my brother playing Assassin's Creed 3 till early morning.
On December 26th we went to my grand parents to Berlin then to celebrate with them and their part of the family. I couldn't believe it but my granny got me extra presents: the grafic tablet I wanted for so long!
It's incredible but all my big wishes - actually EVERYTHING I took in consideration as a Christmas gift came true. 
It was really nice to be with my grand parents and the food was delicious though I forgot to take photos of my grand aunts place and all the magnificant cookies. 


「My new plush toy panda! I got it from my mom and called him tao.」
The next day my boyfriend came over and my brother took his girlfriend with him as well. My aunt and her partner visited us and we did a super great fondue dinner. It was awesome
I love fondue and it was acutally the first time for me being in a relationship at Christmas and actually kinda celebrating with my really special someone. 


In between I did some work for university but all in all I could relax a bit during these days.
On December 29th Cath came to my place. She's still here and we'll celebrate New Year's Eve together.
It's nice to see her again now where she lives so far away...
We exchanged presents - belated - as well. She got her first non-CD BtoB-good from me and I got two of the Manga I wanted. I finished the 天気予報の恋人 「Tenki yohou no kobito」 ; The Weatherman is My Lover - duo now. They are really cute and I just can recommend them. 


Oh yeah. I got a really special Christmas card this year too!
It came from Finland! My dear online pal Lygo made it for me. Thank you so much again. It's perfect.
I'm sorry if it's not such a big deal with Christmas usually. 
It's really not like I'm doing anything special those days... I love making presents for my friends but I forgot to take pictures of most of them. For example I made a frame with a photo of us two for my best friend and gave a cute cup to another close friend of mine, got a B2ST college bag for my B2UTY-bestfriend p*chan but I just have no photos of those here now... 

Oh. This snow photo is from St.Nichlas Day - we had no snow on Christmas and the movie ticket is from my boyfriend's second Christmas gift: we watched The Rise of the Guardians together.

I'm sad that I wasn't be able to catch up with everything again. Maybe I'll just forget about the posts I wanted to do and start like there was nothing in 2013. I'll give you a New Year's post tomorrow then.
Sorry... But Cath and Me will watch SBS' and MBC's Gayo Daejun now. See you in 2013 then!


  1. Scheint ja ein wirklich tolles Weihnachtsfest gewesen zu sein und mit so vielen Geschenken. *Q*
    Ich hab dieses Jahr das schönste Weihnachten ever verbracht. Am 24. war die Familie meiner besten Freundin bei uns, am 25. hatten wir einen genial chilligen Tag, am 26. waren wir dan bei meiner Familie zum Essen und am 29. war eine kleine Party mit meinen Freunden. Ich hab, glaub ich, noch nie so viele Geschenke bekommen und auch nie so tolle. ;//////;

    Hast du Sylvester auch was tolles gemacht?

    1. Das klingt wirklich super toll! *_*
      Ja, mein Weihnachten dieses Jahr war - geschenkspezifisch echt der Hammer. Sonst genieße ich die Zeit eigentlich immer auf die selbe Weise mit meiner Familie... das Fondue war nochmal was besonderes.

      Silvester? Nee... Hab die ganze Zeit Koreanische Shows per livescreen mit Cath geschaut, aber das war's auch schon... xD

  2. Woah, hast da echt tolle Geschenke bekommen *w* Das man alles bekommt was man sich wünscht bekommt man auch nicht immer!
    Happy 2013 btw~ \(=^3^=)/

    1. Danke, danke. Jaah. Du hast Recht. Aber ich wäre auch so echt glücklich gewesen! So hat sich das alles nur noch potenziert! *o*

      Dir auch ein frohes 2013! \(=^o^=)/

  3. gaaaaah you're so cute ♡

    I really enjoyed this post! I'm curious about your gingerbread house! xD It's so amazing!!! muuuuch prettier than mine~ >x<
    & You and your boyfriend look really good together~ :3

    Happy new year!~ Kotoshi mo yoroshiku ne~ n.n

    1. awww. thank you so much! ♡

      actually I just took a photo of the house. my siblings made it... xD
      ouh. thank you. it's actually one of the few photos and the first time 'showing' him. o3o
      We never manage to do great photos where I don't look aweful, unfortunately... v__v

      Happy New Year too! :)

  4. It looks like you had such a lovely Christmas ^_^
    And I'm so jealous of you new 3DS! Your family is so cool, ha ha. :3

    1. haha, thanks. x3
      I hope you had a nice Christmas too. :)

  5. Hey, du wurdest von mir getaggt ;3

    1. Oh danke! Ich hab's bereits gesehen und mich riesig gefreut! :D

  6. u had such a wonderful Xmas with your family! lucky you~ having a warm and caring family is pretty much all I ever wanted in this world :D

    1. Sounds almost like you didn't have. Σ(゜ロ゜;)
      I hope you do! (^。^)

  7. schöne eindrücke. hat spaß gemacht den post zu lesen.
    alles liebe

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