8 January 2013

New Years Resolution 2013 ♡

The year is already one week old and I'm so sorry I wasn't able to post before...
I really wanted - actually
Usually I'm not the type of guy to make up New Years resolutions because I tend to break or rather not hold them. But this year I did so and really am motivated to do all of them so this tag was quite suitable though it was really hard to make up things for every step.

I got tagged for this New Years Resolution thing by Minyoung. She's a real cute person and I love her adorable blog. image
You should definitely check out her blog!

To explain the game - you count backwards from 13 to 1 and make each number a cathegory with resolutions/aims you want to fulfill in 2013.
That's how it looks for me.

13 accomplish my personal resolutions 2013
 eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water
 treat yourself and your body better
 be more productive
 redesign your room 
 become more yourself
 get your first tattoo
 be more happy 
- spot and get rid of things in your life which make you feel miserable 
12 times picture x song[mv] of the month
every end of the month I'll choose a song and/or a picture as a representative impression of it 
11 k-pop idol bands to "get to know"
get to know means: pay more attention to them / 「maybe get into them / learn their names / ...
 CN Blue
10 minutes of relaxation every day
I'll pick up the fight against my high and unhealthy stress level... image
09 manga to buy
I need to finish some of the series I started what feels like decades ago...
 Takumi-Kun Series (7 & 8)
 RH + (3 & 4)
 The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice [Das Spiel von Katz und Maus (2)] 
 You Will Drown in Love  [Gezieltes Verlangen] (2 & 3)
08 h sleep every night
this will never happen. haha image
07 dorama / shows to (re)watch
 BtoB MTV Diary
 Ta-Da, It's B.A.P 
 B.A.P Killing Camp
 Hello Baby 「the SHINee edition
 Happy Boys
 Shut up, Flower Boy Band
06 cm for my hair to grow
05 pictures need to be drawn
.... finish my war machine HIMCHAN for example... image
04 fanfictions need to be written / finished
 .... 「we'll see
03 exams I have to pass [only in February, who knows about the following...]
 Japanese ✓
 Japanese Literature ✓
 Japanese History 
02 times [at least] : visiting friends who live far away
 Cath [Trier] 
 Maya & Aiji [Duisburg] 
01ce a week : a new blog post

Now I need to tag 13 people. whoops. Let's see...

aiji  mila  kiki  georgia  munatati  maya 
 ada  ari  angi  veru  bubblipop  kasui  rindodo

That's it after all. I hope you enjoyed it and I'm really going to succeed.
I need to learn vocabulary now... 


  1. I really like it and I hope you can achieve everything *_*

  2. thanks for tagging me. I hope I can answer this tag pretty soon ^^

  3. Really lovely post! I´m your new follower.


  4. I will do this! (´∀`)
    It's a rather interesting way to put down a resolution/goal actually~
    This will be a challenge, hopefully I don't repeat myself too often.

    1. It is really fun and I'm happy you are planning on doing it.
      But it's really a big pack of work too. haha
      I still think it's worth it and I look forward to your tag answer (^▽^)

  5. Wishing you best of luck with the resolutions! ^o^

  6. Thanks for the tagging once again : 3

    This challenge seems nice^^ I have to think my answers very carefully : D

    1. It's really nice, yeah.
      And I'm sure you'll do a great answer since you already did such a super creative "meaning of life" tag! ( ´∀`)

  7. Thank you so much + I rly liked your answers, again ~

    1. You are welcome.
      & thanks. Though there weren't so special after all.
      Just... me. haha ( ´∀`)

  8. That's really nice :) Actually first I didn't read that it was a tag :D well done and good luck for your resolutions. I enjoyed reading them ♥

    1. Thank you and Happy [late] New Year, haha (。’▽’。)

  9. Not sure if my last comment got in because my internet died. If it didn't I'm commenting again just in case. But I can't remember exactly what I said haha(sorry for spamming!)

    Again, good luck on all your exams. I can totally relate with the dramas. Let's all do our best!


    1. I'll do my best to do this tag~! Sorry only commenting now. Super busy D: I'll post my reply to this a few posts after my new posts so I don't have 2 tags in a row :3

      Thanks again Yuku!

    2. Somehow your last comment is gone... but anyway...
      Thanks! & of course.
      Let's do our best!! (^▽^)

      Oh, and it's OK if you wait a bit with the tag... I had like three tags after another and it was a lil tiring... (;

  10. Oh, vielen Dank für diesen total süßen Kommentar(?)♥ *-* naja, wie auch immer xD Halt das was du in diesem Post geschrieben hast über mich ^-^ ♥ Hach, ich halte Vorsätze auch nie ein oder breche irgendwann ab xD Ist nicht so mein Ding, aber nja~ habe trotzdem mal mitgemacht ^^

    1. Es hat ja auch Spaß gemacht :D
      Und dieses Jahr bin ich wirklich motiviert, einiges davon zu schaffen! :]

  11. finally done! XD I also don't give myself new year resolutions, I can't keep them in mosst of cases ;_; especially those like "don't eta chocolate" it's impossible! XD

    1. It is. ( ´∀`)
      It's the same with my resolution to sleep 8h.
      I'll never ever be able to do this during week... (-o⌒)

  12. I can't commit to any of my new year's resolution as well. >.<

    1. Let's try our bests to succeed this year! :D