31 May 2013

song of the month ✧ MAY

For all who didn't notice till now:
I have a new design and I really hope I'll be able to attend to your wishes. 
But since my phone broke last weekend, I can't really show you pictures of the trip to Sanssouci.
I will do this as soon as my phone is fixed and I have the data.
When キュミン is 'alive' again I can do more outfit posts too.
So please stay a bit patient with this just now.  

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.


To be honest, I never heard of ATTACK before, though they're not exactly new to the business.
At first the beginning of the song sounded weird in my ears, but I grew to like the rest of it and also the concept of the video. It's not that upbeat and dubstep-y like many other songs lately. 
It reminds me more of ''old'' boyband songs and it's kinda charming. 
But I still don't exactly get the plot line of it... 

An electro-biased comeback of 100%. I like it. 
The atmosphere in the MV is a bit gloomy and again I'm puzzled 
when it comes to the actual plot behind it, but the choreography is really nice - I like the aerial.
The song has a catchy chorus, as well the vocals as the beat. 
Ah! And I was hell'a amazed by the light racket and how they slid in the top-less scenes in this. 

2PM's comeback was highly anticipated and I have to say though they usually don't hit the spot for me,
their new song Comeback when you hear that song satisfied my urge for artsy MVs this month.
The plot is - finally - clear and the appearance of all seven deadly sins is just - 
It's stunning and the song is actually pretty cool too. 
Tell me, if you could find all the sins. 

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate how incredibly and unhealthily cute those dorks are?
I love them. It's just so happy and nice and adorable to watch them.
They are just so them, just so in their cutie-image.
I really enjoyed their change in it like they had in I-YAH and Janus but Boyfriend will always be the cuties for me. 
Click the photo and get the proof there, by watching their super cute and fun MV to On and On.
The MV may not be deep, but it's fun and I enjoyed it too much. Honestly.  
[did anyone else notice, that the setting was in Japan?]

 The fashion. Their hair.The choreography. The 'drawn' parts. The - woah.
I quite like it. I'm especially fond of the speed of the song. The sound of the song and their voices appear especially strong to me too. I like that atmosphere alot. 
Another highlight was the dubstep/dance part, but it was also the part, that totally confused me. 
Why that DJ and who's that girl dancing there and why and aeh!? 
PS: I'm a sucker for choreographies in/with water. 

For being one of the few female Japanese artists I like, Kyary always has a bonus.
If you know her, you are prepared to see things in her MVs that are crotesque and cute, to an extent, you might throw up. But actually... this is one of the things I like so much about her.
Her new song INVADER INVADER is, together with Fashion Monster definitely one of my favorites.
The highlight in this are the DJ with his display head, Kyary's cute dress, the dance and the dubstep part with the fluffy monsters. It's like Alice in Wonderland but... more colorful and fancy.
Oh. And it's addicting. That catchy tune won't leave you alone anymore. 

LC9's debut song: MaMa Beat.
To be honest... I was kinda disappointed when I watched their MV because I saw their performance at MCountdown at first and not only loved the song but was especially amazed by their choreography.
Of course they are really, really BADASS. But it was nice to watch and so I was disappointed that you couldn't find anything of that in their MV. That was - in contrast - kinda shocking.
It's really, really, really violent and I'm surprised it wasn't banned yet. I liked the concept and idea though - actually. But many of the moves and effects reminded me so much of Dragon Ball and my childhood, that I couldn't contain my laugher halfway through the first watch and now I just hope they won't get a bad image because of this.... quite controversy-provoking first music video.
The song whatsoever is simply amazing. I love it. 

[please just ignore the Spanish subs, was the only good one I could find]
I could listen to this song forever. B1A4 are back with a super weird, fun MV.
And I'm so proud that they finally won an award with it. They worked so hard all the time!
So... there isn't so much you can say about the MV. You just... accept it. That's it.
I like the sound of the song and how upbeat it is. The choreographic part in the end is quite symbolic and looks playful but damn. I'm too dumb to do it right. It's actually kinda complicated.
Well done, B1A4!  

There is none. This is a special Song Of The Month 'episode'.
We actually have two MVs/Songs, that I fell so hard for, that I just can't decide which one I like better.
*To check out the songs you have to click the small crowns, not the picture like usually.


VIXX:  I just love hyde
Its MV is dark and gloomy and their concept is so mysterious and dangerous. It's actually really sexy. 
The song is powerful and I can't get enough of it... and damn. These NAvi moments in the MV.
The choreography is stunning as well and I really, really love the scense when they get their wings.
Great song, stunning video. 
The same applies to EXO's highly anticipated comeback, WOLF.
I really, really love both versions - the Chinese and the Korean - so much, I already posted them yesterday - because I was just super excited. 
I'm so happy they promote together and finally can live up to their motto "We Are One". 
In comparison to hyde it's lacking a plot line but the choreography is - in my opinion - even better. With all those symbols; the wolf, the cave, the tree, etc... 
It's just on another level. I'm a sucker for the wolf effects in the MV and their makeup/fashion. [despite Kai. I'm sorry, but your pretty face won't help you if you wear soccer shoes to a rugby-like uniform]
I'm looking forward to the plot-heavy MV, which might follow later. I'm really curious after the scenes of the second teaser.


I'm curious if you could chose a N.1 and who it might be?
Who did you like better? EXO or VIXX? 
Tell me in a comment below! 


  1. I'm actually glad that 100% is getting more and more popular! ^^ They deserve it for all their hardwork and I think they're pretty cute.

    Also - I love hyde! Leo's powerful voice really shined! And N looked really good! @___@

    Thank you for your list!


    1. You're right. 100% work hard! There are so many artists that deserve more attention than they get...
      Thanks for your comment, Lily.
      I'm happy you liked it. (●´∀`●)

    2. Hopefully, they'll get the recognition they deserve for all their hardwork. :3