8 June 2013

big birthdays and rain

I had to realize, that there are just 4 more weeks till my exams... That may sound long for some of you but it's definitely not - considering that I haven't spend a single thought about learning yet...

Anyway, I wanted to spamm you with some pictures and a bit of my life.
So the weekend before last weekend [2013-05-25] I went on a big birthday with my father and my grand parents. Apparently people of ''their'' part of the family [one of my grand aunt and her husband] were celebrating together and organised a big event.

Outfit of the day and the cute nail polish I got from my granny. 

We met relatively early at Südkreuz in Berlin and our tour started. We even had a guide!
He was a friend of them and because most of the family members that arrived especially for that birthday weren't from Berlin but from all around Germany, we got a bit of local history.

 We stopped at the Hiroshima memorial in Babelsberg.
We drove through Wannsee to Babelsberg and Potsdam, had the short stop [Hiroshima memorial], before we continued our tour to a small café/restaurant to have some coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Unfortunately they weren't in time though it was planned and so I waited the whole time for my hot chocolate but didn't got any because we had to go again. 

Afterwards we continued our tour through Potsdam and to Sanssouci.

finally hot choco in asparagus restaurant!
We had lunch in a restaurant of an asparagus farm [they're quite common where I live], before we went back to Sanssouci to have a tour through the palace. Unfortunately the weather was really bad and it was constantly raining... but my father and I decided we'll go there again when the weather is good and take photos... 

Afterwards my grand parents and me left them and went home again seperately because I still had to get home from my grand parents' house... to say nothing of the bulk of homework that was waiting for me...

It was a quite nice day though... until my phone broke. 
But this is another story...


  1. Woah, klingt doch schön! und ja...Regen! :D War ja auch Berlin...und es ist schrecklich gewesen mit dem ganzen Unwetter...sogar Hagel gabs, als ich da war Ö_ö voll doof, hatte auch nur Sommersachen dabei, also nix was warm hält, brr!
    Süße Fotos und ich find dein Outfit mega gelungen, Make up auch schön ♥ :D

    1. Na von den Temperaturen her fand ich's nicht sehr schlimm, weil wir ja auch viel im Bus waren und ich meinen warmen Poncho hatte... Aber das miese Wetter war schon doof. D:

      Dankeschön. ♥

  2. Thanks for sharing all these pretty photos.

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