3 November 2013

song of the month ✧ OCTOBER

Today I try - next to a 12page text about AI in Japan, Korean homework and Japanese vocabularies - to supress my urge to draw my character from Pokemon X/Y to finally post again.
Before my new semester started I was optimistic to find a fixed day or at least an amont of 2hours per week I can organize as spare hours to deal with my blog... but it turns out it to be hard to reorganize your life.
Much harder than I thought at least, and learning two languages at once isn't really a walk in the park either... but I'm doing fine this far and I'm not here to complain anyway.

Right we are. It's already this time of the year but the 31st of October was a ordinary university day for me {pretty busy too} so I did nothing halloweenish at all this year. It didn't bother me actually, because I'm not such a big halloween fan anyway. {please don't kill me. I love pumpkins and pumpkin soup and black cats... but I just see no point in rewarding loud, annoying children who threaten to blow up your mailbox or 'decorating' the frontage of your house with bad eggs, with sweets that I could eat while studying or reading a book fanficition}

Now... as the title already implies, we're at it again. The {belated} single/MV release evaluation of October.

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.


- TOP TEN SONGS {releases} OCTOBER 2013 -

 Watch the MV!
A really nice ballad actually. 
But sadly there are just a few ballads I know, that doesn't appear kinda boring to me. 
It's sad, I know. But though I'm just amazed by their MV, I couldn't quite get warm to the song itself.
I love the vintag-attire in the MV and the effects when they vanish and appear again somewhere else.
I really enjoy listen to their voices, they are more than pleasant to the ear. 
All in all it's really nice... but it didn't hit the spot for me.

 Watch the MV!
The song with the thousand names... 
I still don't know if it's really called Love Fool now... or Real Self... or 못났다.
The titles doesn't even have anything in common as it appears to me... but anyway.
The song is really fun to listen to and I like the backstage-y video, though nothing much happens.... OK. Actually there is nothing happening at all. But that gives the song some kind of homey feeling. I like it. But again... also the song isn't super exciting because of that.

{EDIT: Angi informed me that there was an actual choreographed MV and I still wonder why I couldn't find it... Sorry that I didn't say anything about it now but feel free to watch it here.}

 Watch the MV!
After I didn't say a word about how their concert was {yes, I saw them live already in September},
I'm happy to include them with a song here now.
It's hard to compare their music with the tons of KPOP I listen to.
It may appear almost schizophrenic. But eitherway... the song is simply amazing and I just love the hard sound of it. ... but let's not talk about the MV. Let's just say I thought it was rather disturbing...
But the song... urgh. Awesome.

 Watch the MV!
I love the rockish sound of the song and I'm a huge fan of Jaejoong {especially his solos}
but honestly... I liked MINE much more. 
I can't even explain why because the song actually has everything you need. 
It has a quite catchy sound in the chorus and there is nothing to complain about, I really liked the b/w scenes in the MV and the clear colors - for example the blue sky {let's put aside the slightly confusing/odd part in the MV, when it's raining bath tubes and pianos}. 

 Watch the MV!
Probably the cutest MV I saw this month.
I'm a huge starlight, actually and I think OKDAL are two really cute girls, too.
I love the MV for the random actions of the boys {playing with a shark toy, etc.} 
and the colorful but still not too flashy concept {all of them have quite natural outfits and hair colors for example...}
Beside the chorus is just super catchy and it makes me smile whenever I listen to it.

 Watch the MV!
Again K.Will suceeded in enchanting me with his songs. 
How come I don't have a single album from him yet when I just fall in love with every song he releases?
The fact that one of my first EXO biases took part in it didn't help at all. 
Seriously. the song is so tender and yet so... winging(??). I just could listen to it the whole day. 
And watch the cute MV, too. Again: I love this soft camera-effects way too much.

 Watch the MV!
This song and MV really changed a huge part of my view on Hyuna. Which is kind of a miracle.
To be honest, I didn't really liked her. At all. Like. No.
I couldn't even explain why... now I still don't think that she has a really beautiful voice. There is something edgy in it that I just don't really like but it is peppy at the same time... eitherway.
I think she looks so much better in this MV and I really, really love the song and the MV.
Can someone please explain me why I suddenly like an idol {I kinda hated before} 
after she makes out with my first KPOP bias ever?

 Watch the MV!
Gosh. I love this.
I waited for TOPPDOGGs debut for some time now... 
already loved their predebut song "Y U MAD".
I don't know how it comes but I'm such a sucker for rappers lately. It's almost unhealthy...
Eitherway, I read criticism saying they try to copy Super Junior, reason is 
- as they say - the similarity with their member-number 
but I don't see anything 'super-junior-ish'. They remind me much more of Block B and BTS.
But I appreaciate this because it sounds awesome and their concept in the MV is really cool, kinda badass {of course}, too. I like the powerful impact the song leaves even after listening to it.

 Watch the MV!
Beneath all the bands I like I'm still a shawol by heart, 
so of course I couldn't just pass a song like EVERYBODY.
At first I thought it was too much dubstep and electro-elements but then again it reminded me so much of Spectrum {which is like one of my favorite SM performances ever} that I couldn't help but accept it.
It's actually pretty cool and I love the idea of chosing the fandoms color as the 'energy-source'.
The choreography is fantastic as always {let's just look at this jump in the beginning or the robot scene}.
And though I don't like the SM-typical box-dance-background-thing.... there solo cuts of each of them are so artsy that I just can't not love them. There is not much I can say about the song... it's super catchy and I love to listen to it.

 Watch the MV!
I already anticipated this song and MV last month and god, they didn't disappoint me.
Block B at its best and I can't even voice how happy I am that they are back. 
{I guess I already mentioned this last month}
The song is fantastic, the choreography is fun and I just really love the comediantic elements in the MV. 
The fun and freakiness they put into the song and into their performances is just contagious. 
Simply amazing.


What was your favorite song last month? Do you already look forward to a release this month?
Tell me in a comment.

I really hope that I will find the time to make up a real, good blog schedule again.
I shouldn't promise anything yet... Sometimes I think I just way too ambitious. image


  1. I love the song from The Gazette and Trouble Maker too! x33 You have got a good music taste btw ^^

    Mickey // http://spookypastel.blogspot.cz/

  2. There actuelly is a real mv for Teen Tops new song! >-<
    You can watch it here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQj8Fy_-UBs
    It's pretty cute and even thought I don't like this song as much as many of there other songs I still think it has a special feeling to it and it will definitly grow on me! ^-^
    The Block B song is somehow no good to me but also somehow I really like it... i's weird! But I also like the video, they look creppy in it but pretty cool as well!
    I once loved Shinee so much but since Sherlock has been released I never got myself to love them that much anymore. I just didn't like the song and even what came after it. The new song thought is ok, still not giving me goosebumps but at least better then their former work...
    Thanks for always posting your top ten that way I will at least get a little clue of what is new in kpop! *0*

    1. How come I never saw this!?
      It's pretty cool and I actually like it more than the version I found... eitherway both are cute... so it wouldn't change their rating I guess...
      Thanks for sharing it with me nonetheless!
      I'm actually a little said I couldn't say anything about the choreography and the actual MV now... aish... D:

      I think it's extreme how opinions and taste can differ as for me I love the new and the old songs from SHINee and think they always kinda largen their choice of things they tried...? It's a bit tricky to put it I guess.

      I'm happy you like what I am doing here... haha :)