14 November 2013

some news and old photos

Some of you might have already seen the small change on my side-bar...

yesh, yuku's going to Japan next year!
I'll be gone for a month and I'm super excited. A big thanks to my grandma, who grants me my birthday wish from my 18th birthday with this trip. (๑・ω-)~♥”
I really can't wait to go to Tokyo to visit my dear friend Sha and to actually be in Japan the first time in my life! I've been admiring this country and its culture and language for almost 7 years now and I just have not enough words in my mind to actually describe how it feels, having the moment when I'm finally going to see this all in real life, coming in sight.


To prevent this post from being just that short, I decided to post a couple of old shots that I recently found on my hard drive again.... they are from September, when I met one of my Korean friends before he went to Seoul. We ate lunch together at a really good Korean restaurant and had nice talks, ice cream and a good time. (。・ω・。)
I wore my pink wig again, after what felt like a decade, haha
 We ate so much {this is just the first dish that arrived} but I was so busy trying all the delicious food that I ended up with only this photo. I love Korean food. {at least all I tried till now} 
The ice cream was actually really good, too but our stay in that café was a tiny bit annoying because the waiter tried to flirt with me a couple of times. 

We always forget to take a photo together until we head to the station and I have to go home. 
The bad weather destroyed my hairdo, meh

And with that, I'll end this post.
I'm sorry that I don't upload as frequently as I'd like to, but as I mentioned in a post before university keeps me busier than I wish it would and I feel like I always have to study and the rest of the time I'm just so super exhausted and tired, that I can't bring myself to post anything good.
I'll try hard to keep updating {at least a bit} nonetheless. 頑張ってね!(ง •̀_•́)ง


  1. Aww, ich freu mich für dich, dass du nach Tokyo fliegen wirst. :D Ich kann mich daran erinnern, wie mir meine Eltern ebenfalls zu meinem 18. Geburtstag diesen Wunsch erfüllt haben. Genieß es und ich hoffe, du wirst super viel Spaß haben. :)

    Das Essen und Eis sieht echt lecker aus und ich mag deine pinke Perücke total gerne! >w< ♥


  2. Ich freu mich so für dich! Ich wünsche es mir auch so sehr, aber bisher hatte ich nie das Geld. Ich hoffe du hast gaaaanz viel Spaß in Tokyo und erlebst 1000 tolle Sachen ^^

    Ich finde die Perücke steht dir so gut. <3

    1. Oh my... danke für deine lieben Wünsche! ;w;
      Ich werde versuchen ganz viel zu bloggen, wenn (oder nachdem) ich da bin ( war) <3