27 April 2014

私のアパート ♡ room tour

One of the minor but still existent good points of having a blog is the potential of procrastination that comes with it. So as usual - I should be doing homework or study vocabulary right now but instead I finally came along to write the first posting about my trip to Japan.

Basic information is basic.
My flight to Japan was at the 2nd of March, had a stay in Copenhagen's Kastrup-airport and arrived at Narita March 3rd.
Additionally I made a really small overview to show you when I stayed where. It's not really fancy but should be a bit helpful at least.

In this first part I want to give the answer of one of the most frequently asked questions: Where did you stay?
I could cut it really, really short and just give you the adress but you sure want some photos and details and here you have them.

I stayed in a small 20m² flat, on my own.
It was in a really, really calm, beautiful neighbor-hood {I will make an extra posting about that} a bit off the center, in Sakuradai {桜台} - a part of the ward Nerima {練馬区}. It's west of Ikebukuro Station {池袋駅} and it takes you roughly 10min to get from Sakuradai Station {桜台駅} there.
As soon as you reached Ikebukuro Station it's a lot easier to get anywhere since it's a station on the Yamanote-Line {山手線} - prolly the most important JR-line in Tokyo.
If I wanted to get to Shinjuku {新宿駅} for example; it took me approximately 25min which is - in my opinion - no time at all, considering that here at home I need about three-quaters of an hour to get to Berlin's city.

The next thing that everyone of my family I met wanted to know was - how I lived and how the flat was.
My flat was on the second floor. Next to the single-family-ish house on the ground-floor {where the mother of my landlords lived} was a seperate entrance with a staircase to get to - what feels like a typical Japanese colonnade that leads to three rather small appartments on the second floor. I lived in one of these.
As I already said it wasn't luxuriously large but it was more than enough for me and it had everything!
I had a kitchen - fully supplied - a washing machine and even a small balcony.
Since it was still quite cold when I came to Japan I didn't spend a lot of time on it but we ate breakfast there once or twice and it was good for the wash because we didn't have enough space indoors - and you could air your clothes after a night in pubs or clubs (or just a restaurant) because unlike here in Germany, you are allowed to smoke indoors and it clung to your clothes - of course.

I don't really know if there is much more to say. If you have questions about the appartment you can ask in a comment. As for now, I will just leave you here with a couple of photos, to show you around my small home-for-28 days.
At last - the small welcome-dish that my super caring landlord prepared for me on my first day. 


  1. Wow that looks really nice! And the welcome dish is so adorable.
    How did you find this apartment?

    1. I found it on airbnb.com.
      It's a page where people can offer their flat or rooms for visitors and tourists to rent. It's a really great page and after my Japan stay I now use it to find a place to stay a night when I go to concerts on the other side of the country for example.

    2. Thanks a lot for the information. That sounds like a good website. I will keep it in mind. ^-^
      Oh and good luck on your upcoming tests. ^-^

  2. The frontage looks so beautiful *-* The apartment seems to be a nice place to live although it is small. ^-^

    1. It was. I'd love to go back there again some day. <3

  3. das sieht so gemütlich aus und wie süß dass der vermieter so ein süßes Menü hinterlassen hat <3
    zumal die lage gar nicht so übel ist, ich mein... est ist bestimmt angenehmer iwo wo es ruhiger ist als in der innenstadt zu nächtigen x3

    1. es war wirklich richtig toll & ich würde da wirklich jeder zeit wieder einziehen! &die mutter vo meiner vermieterin war sowieso ein schatz, hat ein mal in der woche neue bettwäsche gebracht und sich immer ein bisschen um uns gekümmert... ♡

  4. Hach, wie schön ;__; <3 der Eintrag war toll und die Seite klingt auch gut.. muss ich dringend mal schauen <3 gerade so für Cons etc lohnt es sich ja sehr! *_*

    1. das freut mich! ♡
      für trips wo man mehrere tage unterwegs ist, lohnt es sich, da sie dann meist billiger als (bei cons sowieso überfüllten) hotels sind... :D

  5. I swear i read it on the day i promised to read it but i do everything in slow-motion, because slow-motion is way cooler (why else would SME be so successful???) and and a few days must pass between reading and commenting because I'm so cool and awesome that I also think slow!! OoO Okay anyway,
    now, FINALLY, will follow an ACTUAL comment, so please brace yourself:
    the apartment looks so nice!! And that you lived there by yourself!! Enviable! (way better than sharing one flat with 15 other guys who came back drunk at least four times a week like in my case OTL).
    And the meal your landlord left you >//< lovely!
    Oh well, next time I make it to Korea I will just make a little detour try to pay a visit to your landlord as well ;P or at least to japan
    But not this year it seems - 3 - but some day

    Looking forward to following posts about your japan trip!!
    Have a brilliant day! (^^)/

    1. Thanks for your super long and great comment!
      I think it's nice to have some privacy and be completely independent but living with others sure has some good points, too.

      I hope the next time, when I get the chance to go to Tokyo again, I can move in into the same apartment again - and make a short trip to Seoul and/or Busan as well. ;D

      I will try to prepare the next posting as soon as my stress level and health allow it ~

    2. I think there's a ferry connection between osaka and busan. just saying ;)

  6. Oh wie toll. *_* Deine kleine Wohnung sieht echt total gemütlich aus. Es war sicher richtig schön da zu wohnen. Und voll nett von deinen Vermietern, dass sie dir noch was zu essen gebracht haben, als du angekommen bist. ♥

    1. Die Frau hat sich eh um uns gekümmert als wären wir ihre Enkelkinder... super lieb ♡