18 April 2014

mini news & a super old tag

It's been a while and I'm kind of sorry because I truly thought about setting another posting a couple of times but I never did it.
This time it's nothing fancy and really small.
University has started again and after the first week I feel still overwhelmed and sense that I still need to get used to all the rush again. This semester I have the chance to concentrate better on my Korean class and my culture-studies-seminar sounds pretty damn interesting, too.
But it makes me still really busy so I guess you have to be patient with updates like in the past...
Last Sunday I went to the Hanami-Cherryblossom-Festival though it was pretty late and most of the cherry blossoms already fated and afterwards I went to a concert at the Tempodrom in Berlin. I will try to write a small update about this with a couple of pictures before long, too and spread it between - hopefully - soon starting JAPAN postings.

Then there is one of the things I probably should have been posting last year or so but I never did and since it's getting really weird and annoying in some way I will do it a whole lot differently then I did it before.
I will just include the 25-question-tag game in this mini update and won't pay too much extra attention since I don't fancy the idea to follow the usual rules. I broke the flow of that tag with not answering it for several months already so it doesn't matter whatsoever.
Nonetheless I want to thank Miya who tagged me, for thinking of me, of course.
I hope you won't be sad or sulky when this tag dies down here.

I Do you have any pets?
Yes; one dog, three cats and fish
II 3 things you see at the moment:
pencilcase | wallet | camera
III How is the weather?
IV Do you have a driving license?
V When did you wake up today?
around 9:40AM

VI Last shower?

VII Last movie?
Disney's A Bug's Life
VIII Your latest text-message?
11:17AM いいな僕も行きたい!
IX Which ringtone do you have?
B.A.P's B.A.P
X Have you ever been to another/foreign country?
yes {Poland | UK | Sweden | Denmark | Italy | Czechia | Japan | (Netherlands & France) }
XI Do you love sushi?
yes; a lot
XII Your favorite super market?
nonexistent - but I liked あまいけ when I was in Japan
XIII Did you ever take some sleeping pills?
XIV How many siblings do you have?
XV Computer or notebook?

XVI Which age will you reach on your next birthday?
XVII Glasses or lenses?
both because fashionable
XVIII Dying your hair?

XIX Any plans for today?
Korean homework and fanfiction
XX When did you cry the last time?
today; because of laughter
XXI Best pizza covering/flavor?
Mozarella | Tuna
XXII Hamburger or Cheeseburger?
Chickenburger {but the Cheeseburgers at MOS-Burger were awesome}
XXIII Did you have an allnighter?
Once because of a book or fanfiction
XXIV Your eye color?
XXV Can you tell Cola and Pepsi apart?

As I mentioned in a former posting my birthday slipped by silently and uneventfully but you will get my Instagram-birthday-update again, anyway. I wore one of my few new clothes from Japan and I'm totally in love with it - MINT NeKO (ω*) - and my youngest brother (4yo) crafted the pearl-headband for me.
It's super cute 
Anyway. I will try to study some Korean and get a bit of dinner now before I have to redye my hair.
I feel so good in that fade sakura-like pink and I love it five-ever but the constant redying is a pain.


  1. ohh rosa steht dir super x3 ich würd mich das nicht trauen...hab immer angst um meine haare weil sie so easy kaputt gehen... das blond bei mir war ja schon ein kampf xD <3
    jedenfalls stehts dir sehr, und wir hatten ja auch schon über deinen gebu geredet <3

    1. Dadurch dass es nur eine Tönung ist und meine Haare nach dem letzten Mal aufhellen/nachfärben fast weiß sind, vertragen meine Haare die Farbe ganz gut...♪
      Noch dazu kommt dann, dass ich die Tönung mit Conditioner abschwäche und aufhelle und d.h es ist noch weniger eigentlich. (。・ω・。)