7 April 2014

just in case ♡ summonflyingtoenail.com review

After my birthday sneaked past silently and next to my slowly starting preparations for the new semester (and the re-exam in Korean) - at least I wish I was doing important things like that - I finally decided on a concept for my JAPAN postings.

But before I'll launch this series I finally want to do the review I've been waiting to do since the moment I ordered the products.
I kid you not.
I was so excited for them to arrive and though it took forever.
It wasn't the stores fault but some trouble the custom office in Germany had.
But after almost 6 weeks they finally arrived - the mobile phone cases I ordered for Christmas from www.summonflyingtoenail.com.

And in case* you still wonder why I got so excited over phone cases, even more than the usual rush you get as collector (yes, I'm a collector kind of person when it comes to specific items), it is because the store sells a various range of K-POP themed cases for an incredibly large choice of devices (and stickers).
They even launched the sale of cases for tablet PCs a little ago.
The motives vary from EXO, over BTS to B.A.P, MBLAQ, BigBang, SNSD, 2NE1 and so on (and on and on)... and it's the same for the sticker motives. All of them are handmade edits that have a really artsy appeal and I love it.

*(oh god, I could hit myself in the face for every time I make this pun)

I ordered a total of 5 cases after I spent roughly 2hours in the process of looking through all the available motives and struggling with the problem of an indecisive person - Which one should you get?
The three I got as Christmas (and birthday) gifts for my dear friends  영헤 and フェちゃん were easily found but I pondered forever, which one I should get myself. 
In the end I chose two. But it turned out I could choose an additonal free(!) case and a sticker set.
That makes a total of 6 cases and one sticker set.

The contact I had with the seller was really friendly and endearing and it had a really personal feeling to it.
It felt really comfortable and the fact that you would get your orders shown via instagram after they were made added the feeling of being attentively and personally dealed with.
I appreaciated this a lot.

This motive caught my eye on tumblr was actually the reason why I discovered the shop in the first place. I'm a huge fan of EXO's MAMA concept (the symbols, their powers, etc) and so this case was a must-have for me. There are versions with just parts of the group (EXO-M/EXO-K) on them as well but I chose the whole groupe of 12 because they are one
The colors on the case equal the original picture that you get as a small card with your case.

The second choice took a bit longer but since B.A.P is -hands down- one of my most favorite KPOP bands ever, it's no surprise that I chose the BADMAN group edit as my second motive.
The colors on the case appear a bit brighter and stronger on the case than on the card here in the photo but they are just as equal as it was for the EXO case.

The next choice is, what I got as the additional free case. I decided to go for that pastel Coup D'etat motive because it was a lot simpler than my other choices and not as flashy but still the eye catcher I was seeking for. You have this pattern available in a couple of other color-combinations but the black/white black/white/red versions were all in all too dark for my liking.

As you can see on the second shots of every case the surface is flat and glossy. 
What adds a certain flaire for me is that all of them have small sparkly particles. It just gets extra fancy.

When I had to decide on a sticker set I made a relatively fast decision for BTS because their cases were in my short list before already. The only thing that might be a pity, is that I'm really hesitant and chary when it comes to stickers. I get paranoid when I have to stick them onto something because I can't remove them anymore and what if that wasn't the right spot or I find something better!? -- just like that. 
But I still really like those stickers and the colorful motives that came with this set next to the plain, straight-forward band motive.

As I already said you can choose from a large choice of devices, including Iphone4 - 5C, Ipod4/5, Galaxy S2-S5, Galaxy Note 1-3, Galaxy ACE, ..., HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus, ......
For some of them they even provide silicone cases but I feel like the standard is hard case.
The cases sit tightly on the phone and fit perfectly.
It's easy to attach them to the phone but I struggle a bit when I want to free my phone again, because I'm afraid to break my cases, that have proven to be quite resistant when my phone fell now and then.
Nonetheless they might get small cracks. 
After I used my B.A.P case in Japan nonestop it has a few scratches and a crack but it still looks as great as it always did and I'm perfectly content with the case's quality.

The prices that vary from 18 to 22USD depending on the "age" of the motive per case, around 9USD for sticker sets and 32USD for tablet cases are reasonable for me and absolutely worth it.

New motives are updated quite frequently as well so whenever I visit their shop or facebook page I get right in the mood to get an additonal one. 
So just in case you got curious or right into the mood as well, check out their facebook and instagram. Of course don't forget their shop.


  1. Replies
    1. No need to, you can order your own case easily. :D

  2. Tolle cases. *_*
    Ich bin kein fan von kpop, daher hab ich nicht so den Bezug, aber es ist cool, dass es so einen shop gibt und die cases sehen echt schön aus.
    Schade nur, dass du so lange warten musstest, aber manchmal lohnt sich das. ;)

    1. Na ja, ich glaube wenn der Bezug fehlt ist es schwer es nachzuempfinden, aber die Designs sehen auch einfach so toll aus... *3*
      An der Verzögerung im Versand war der Shop wie gesagt gar nicht Schuld - war das blöde Zollamt. .__.