19 September 2014

a month in a nutshell ♡ 六月

I've returned home Monday night but didn't spend a single day of this week home yet...
Since September has already begun I decided it was for the best to put June in a nutshell as well.

I'm starting to get preparations done for university and I have a lot planned to re-arrange stuff in my room and in my every-day life. Also I try to meet up with friends a lot before lectures start again so... I'm a bit busy, you could say.

In 六月 I went to see girugamesh for the third time.
I also played a lot of NDS with my best friend, 
reseted my Animal Crossing: New Leaf and 
wore one of my favorite outfits this year.

I know that some of you wanted me to post more outfits... and it somehow didn't happen yet.
I still need to figure out how I want to post about them. I don't feel like there is a lot of stuff I could say about them, considering that I forget a lot of times where I even bought the stuff I use.
Since I'm no longer growing I wear clothes several years, depending on how high their quality is and how much I like them so... yeah.
Still some stuff I need to sort out about the topic outfit-posts.

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.


  1. you are so beautiful ;_; unfortunately we did not meet up at the girugamesh concert ;_;

    1. aww, thanks so much <3
      maybe we'll meet some other time, then :3