4 September 2014

通天閣 ♡ in midair

After our stroll through Osaka Castle and some other, minor discoveries our first day ended with a tour to the Tsūtenkaku {通天閣} tower in the Shinsekai {新世界} - which means "new world" - district of Osaka.
The tower is rather small with 103 meters, the main observation deck at a height of 91m.
We still decided to do it and got up there.
It was evening already when we arrived so the chances were quite high, we would be able to take some photos and see the tower enlighted.
Depending on the season the construction of the tower - that was originally based on Paris' Eiffel Tower - shines in different colors once night has fallen.

We reached the tower by subway. The station is called Dobutsuenmae {動物園前駅} Station {Midosuji Line - the red one} and it's only about ten minutes from there. The entrance of the tower is in the basement; so don't hesitate to look around until you find it.

Tsūtenkaku {通天閣} - literally "Tower Reaching Heaven" was originally built in 1912. 
It was connected to the adjacent amusement park {Luna Park, based on a similar amusement park in Tokyo, was in operation from 1912 till 1923} which shut down permanently in the 1930's. The original construction suffered damage during a fire in 1943 and was reconstructed {now a eight-sided structure} and reopened for public in 1956.

You can't really see much of the amusement park today, but I read that it became one of the most popular places around, when the park was still operating.
A small museum on one of the lower platforms also showed that the tower was connected to an aerial cable car with which you could enter the amusement park in the most exciting way I can imagine - keeping in mind it was back in the 1920's and 30's.

You have two big elevators in there and during your ride up {or down} it get's dark inside so you can see the surroundings better and also the ceiling, that shows stars and a Buddha figure that is one of the mascots of Tsuktenkaku. They say it brings happiness when you see different pictures, each ride {one ride up and one ride down - obviously}.

We had to wait in queue quite a while but it was actually really nice up there, though it was hard to take photos because of the backlight. They couldn't turn off all the lights on the platform obviously.

On the way back downstairs we got to see the small museum and also a big merchandise shop.
It was intense and they had a really large choice of pocky - probably because it's one of Osaka's specialities. We bought XXL rainbow-pocky {still remember these?} but unfortunately they weren't even half as good as they looked.

On our way home we got to see the tower shining of course.
Since we visited Osaka during March everyone was full of anticipation for the cherry blossom season and also Tsūtenkaku shone in a soft pink.

Which places do you enjoy visiting on trips the most?
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  1. Very beautiful and fun pictures ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. えー!ありがとうございますよ~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  2. I love the pictures a lot *_* they are so beautiful!