11 January 2015

everything under the Christmas tree ♡


Before it gets too late, it's time to share what presents I got for Christmas 2014.
University has recently kicked in again and I just hope I'll be able to keep a constant blogging schedule up, neverminding the studywork I have to do - especially now, when the exams draw nearer.

Once again, I hope you all could spent your holidays nicely.
I'll include a few shots from my Christmas holidays, too to re-create the mood.
After all I feel a bit weird for talking about Christmas 11days into the New Year.

I've shared my outfit for Christmas Eve 
{that is when we exchange presents where I live}
a lot of times already, but I still really like it (‘∀’●)

Christmas tree with all the presents 
and a shot from Christmas lunch at my grandparents from the 27th.

But now, onto the main attraction - what I got for Christmas.

I love self-made presents. I think it's so cute... 
and so I was extremely happy when my little sister {who's incredibly gifted if you ask me} 
as well as one of my dearest friends, Cat - put a lot of effort into these wonderful works. 
Christmas cards and self-made books from my sis.
And a special snowflake from my special snowflake. ( ˘ ³˘)
Next up are my grandparents who - for the main part - gave money, which I'm grateful for,
since I try to save up for a trip to Korea right now. 
But since my phone screen cracked and I'm afraid it could actually break
I got, what I'd call a first aid kid or patch for it.
one can never have enough of these, am I right?
My parents got me this super adorable and convenient bag/keyboard for my tablet and I can't wait to use it. I have started to use it less and less, because the on-screen keyboard I used sucked but I couldn't get another one, able to switch between English/Japanese/Korean that fast...
But now I feel really motivated to include my tablet more into my study work - as I always intended to do.
Next up, is the present that literally blew my mind when I started to free it from the wrapping paper.
My special someone and I had talked about Christmas presents during December a lot and when I saw the big present, I already had this feeling, that it might be a bag, because I was told he wanted to get me one - he always worries about my back when I have to carry heavy stuff for university, only loading one shoulder. I was right. 

But then I opened the bag and it was stuffed with even more presents and I couldn't believe my eyes.
All these things were so beautiful and cute and the eau de perfume has a really light, nice fragrance, too. 
I was just so overwhelmed and happy and I felt really bad because my present wasn't even half as good as this flood, he spoiled me with.
My father got me a tripod but I think it's hard to take a good photo of it and I didn't have time to try and work with it, either...
That being said, there is just one last present left, that I recieved from my best friend felix
when we did our own small exchanging of presents on New Year's Eve.
Look at this cute little shit, here. 
Tigger is one of my favorite Disney characters {see, you're not alone} and it's just so adorable...
He'll definitely take good care of me, when you're studying abroad, dear.
I thought I'd take all these gets as a cue to include the last two treasure's I found in 2014.
I already did a review on summonflyingtoenail.com last year. → here
and the other things are pretty much self-explaining.

As a last point, 
I want to try and express how grateful I was to spend my Christmas holidays the way I did. 
There are a lot more things, things that are much more worth than all these beautiful presents, 
that I recieved these days.
I have a loving, caring, supportive family and close friends who support and love each other the same way. 
I see myself as an extremely wealthy person and I think I can never thank all of these people enough,
who make my life brimming with happiness and beauty, no matter how hard it might get at times.
This here, these treasures - people I can hold close, it isn't limited to the Christmas season, 
which makes it even better and even more precious for me.
I love you (灬ºωº灬)♡

When it comes to Christmas, I'm more of a giver.
Don't get me wrong - I love to get presents - but I find it extremely hard to tell people my wishes - or to even put these into words. Rather, I love to think about what I could get for my friends and family to make them happy... What about you?

Do you rather recieve or give presents?
Tell me in a comment below.

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