20 January 2015

... so much Disney ♡

It's not a big secret that I love animation movies.
They were and still are probably my favorite kind of movies.
Needless to say I spent my childhood days with a lot of Disney's works therefore and after I've seen it on Kiki's blog last year - getting inspired immediately but postponing it like the high-end procrastinator I am - I thought it would be pretty fun and a bit nostalgic to do something similar here on my blog.
Go and check out her Disney Attack update, here.


First up a question I can't answer. I won't even make a huge deal out of it...
I just can't decide because there are a lot of movies, like just too many I enjoy too freaking much to choose THE one.
Instead, I looked through all the Disney movies there are and picked the ones I remember I liked a lot or watched a lot when I was younger - adding the new ones, of course.

Peter Pan 
The sword in the Stone 
Beauty and the Beast 
Lion King 
The Emperor's New Groove 

Monster Inc. 
The Incredibles 
Big Hero 6 *
The Tinkerbell Series 

There are several reasons why I enjoy these movies a lot. For once all of them have a special kind of humor and fun that I really like. Many characters are sassy and just really entertaining, the stories are great and touching and the artworks, character design and sceneries fantastic.

*to be honest I didn't have the chance to watch the movie yet but all I've seen so far makes me love this in ways I can't even bother to describe.

There are three that came to my mind right away, so we'll go with them.
Much like Kiki, too, I really admire Mulan.
Not only for her loyality and character but also because she's endearing whenever she's clumsy or fails. I think this makes her really unique and I feel a lot more connected to her because of that.

Next up is Nani from Lilo and Stitch because she gets underrestimated so much though she's probably one of the stronges woman Disney has ever created. She's so loving and caring for her sister and a great role model.

Lastly there is Merida, who I like for her wild nature and boldness. She doesn't want to get tamed and doesn't fit into that cliché of a princess.
I like that a lot and I adore her hair, oh my god.


There is - of course Flynn because he's just so weird and is not the Prince Charming - like at all.
I would repeat Kiki because she had great reasons to choose him before, already.
He has good and bad points in his character, isn't flawless and therefor not as boring as other 'princes' Disney created before. He's also one of the first 'princes' I remember who gets an own character... I mean just look at Eric from Ariel or... does Cinderella's prince even has a name? Hello?

Next up are Milo from Atlantis and Roger from 101 Dalmatians. I like them a lot because they contrast a lot with the general picture of a 'perfect man'. They are both quite weird and not 'cool'. They are nerds in their own fields and even their body figure is similar. They are lanky and pale and that's it. But I think it's great and oddly charming because though they aren't the strongest they stand their ground.

Lastly, there is Kuzco who I just love because he's hilariously fabulous, arrogant and does whatever he wants to. He sure doesn't have the best character but his development during the movie is even better because of that because he learns generosity bit by bit and come on, he's just sass on two legs and we're all loving it.


There are a lot of Disney villains I actually despire because damn, they are so heartless and bad and I can't even find them funny... but then there are other villains I can't really take serious either...
Well, here are my two favorite picks:

Scar from the Lion King. He's evil, really. He's envious, power-obsessed and just gruesome.
But I still think he's an incredibly interesting character. Especially if we take a look into his backstory that didn't got depicted anywhere but a few comics... but they weren't that popular and so most of us doesn't even know anything about how Scar actually became the person he died as.

Secondly I really like Yzma. She's evil and envious, too but she's just plainly mad and a diva, too.
I think she's way too funny and my favorite part is probably how creative and over the top she gets with her ideas how to kill her king. Lastly, she's sacrastic and I love sarcastic people.


I included this new category because I think there are a lot of non-human characters appearing in Disney movies, that are just way too adorable, funny and iconic to leave them out.

First of, is Tigger.
He's not only a favorite I share with one of my best friends but generally a really lovely character.
He's a bit hyper all the time, funloving and outgoing. Just a really cute, cuddly guy.
And I just adore his super cute friendship with Roo so much.

Next up, is one of the cutest aliens there is - and I know, he's probably overrated but I still think he's way too adorable to not like him: Stitch.
He's playful and curious and has just a really unique character. I like him a lot.
I could still kick myself for not getting me a plush toy of him, when I had the chance...

Lastly, we have Mushu
Mushu always thinks about himself first. He's kind of lazy and has a too high self-esteem but he's also really sincere and supportive when it comes to Mulan. He's sassy to no end and though he can get onto your nerves, he's still one of my favorites.


Last up, is my favorite song.
And that's a hard one because Disney generally put great effort into their movies when it comes to that and I just basically like their work.
I still tried to find a couple of songs out of the movies I've mentioned at the beginning, that I liked the most.

Generally I'd like to add that Brave had one of the most amazing soundtracks I can recall. 
I loved every piece of it!
Also, I'm digging Greek Fire's Top of the World like crazy these days, which is part of the Big Hero 6 OST.

I'm pretty sure this post is way too long and detailed but I just felt like doing it and it would have been weird to split it up...

What are your favorite Disney movies, characters, songs?
Tell me in a comment below.

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