31 January 2015

highlights 2014 ♡ gamescom

There are events like this, that I attended last year and I thought it would be a waste to just let the taken photos get dusty and forgotten... that is why there will be four posts about some of 2014's highlights - including this one: my gamescom Sunday last August.
Sadly 90% of my photos are blurry because we were on the go the whole day.

I can't really say much about the games you could play there. We didn't bother to get in line for anything because it wasn't quite worth to stand in line for several hours just to try out a game I didn't have the time or money to buy and ever see again, anyway.

This being the first big event of this sort I ever attended, 
I was impressed by the whole atmosphere and how much promotion 
and merchandise was started up just for this weekend.
I'm a bit sad I couldn't take any photo in the merchands-hall because it was way too crowded... 
and a bit sad that I didn't buy anything, too.
Oh well, at least I saved a bit money.

Being a kid that grew up watching anime in the afternoon and being in love with Pokémon and Nintendo, Square Enix and what-not since I got my first scrapbook for stickers when I was in grade two, I always prefered gaming on consoles - no matter if handheld or on TV - to computer games {well, Sims is an exception}. However the MMORPG stalls were really huge and impressive.

I'm still super happy that the photos from the Assassin's Creed area got really nice. 
They were probably my favorite parts. 
The costumes shown in the front were hand-sewed by a fan... simply incredible.

Lastly I would like to thank my friends Aiji, Lijan and Shinpei who bought a ticket for me and went with me together to enjoy this day. Sadly I couldn't find a single picture of us all together.

This update is quite short... 
I'm on the home stretch for this semester now and am super busy because of it. 
But I hope I will be able to do more updates once I'm done with lectures and exams, mid-February.

What are your favorite games?
Tell me in a comment below.

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