28 February 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 3

I herefore warn you about the ridiculous length of this update. 
Don't klick read more if you don't have a lot of time on your hands 
and the nerve to read through my ramblings.

Route 3 Who is your favorite protagonist? Least favorite?

I thought a while about including every protagonist you had the chance to meet, not only in the main games but also in franchise like Pokémon Ranger, Snap, Colloseum, the anime and the manga series... but since I haven't watched the anime since early childhood - I'm currently trying to (re)watch all the movies that are out right now because I usually like them more than the trivial tit for tat that is happening on TV - and didn't read enough of the manga, let alone picked up my abandoned Pokémon Ranger or Mystery Dungeon, I will try and focus on the main games and the protagonists you meet there.
Seeing that you are the one playing them and actually giving them their spirit... it's hard to choose simply by their behavior, too - because well - it's your behavior or how you want your character to react... that being said I decided on my top five {still in no particular order because my indeciciveness is on a ridiculous level again} male and female protagonists with a mixed criteria catalog of how much I like their outfit/appearance and the general impression I have of them.
Maybe I even get to find someone I didn't like...

My favorite female game protagonists are:
Kris.png Kris - Pokémon Crystal
She's not only the first female protagonist we got but always had a really special, tough image in my opinion, that I really liked.
She's like that girl that joins the soccer team, full of teenage boys who think girl's shouldn't be doing 'manly' sports and kicks their ass, encouraging other girls to join in and just do what they like, too.
She always appears like the big sister to all other female protagonists to me and her anime-equivalent Marina is pretty annoying but also really cute and I love her three Pokémon that appear in the TV special "ポケットモンスタークリスタル・ライコウ 雷の伝説" which was translated to "The legend of Thunder!" and the nicknames she gave them.

Maike.pngMay - Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Pokémon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire
She was the first protagonist I played myself. I didn't really like her in the anime because her character was just super annoying the majority of time. It's actually sad because her story in general was kind of cute and her Pokémon were, too.
I didn't like her design, seeing that in the manga she was dressed in blue to symbolize Sapphire - which was her name, too. In the Emerald version her clothes got better but I actually just came to really like her in the new ORAS games recently. Her new outfit and design is to die for, especially her hair bow - also I absolutely loved the trailer in which she had the privilege to be with two of the starter Pokémon, making her the trainer of a Torchic and a Mudkip.

Lucia.png Dawn - Pokémon Diamond/ Pearl and Platinum
Dawn was just drop down gorgeous. I loved her hair and outfit and she was just really frilly and girly and her Plinfa fits just perfectly. I don't know... I just really liked her and Pokéwiki says she's just 145cm tall. This is the cutest thing ever!
I really liked to watch her performances in competitions, too.... rarely watched the anime seasons she appeared in but looked up the performances on the Internet, hehe.
On top of that three of her anime Pokémon are some of my very favorites, too: Mamoswine, Quilava and Togekiss.

Mei.pngRosa - Pokémon Black/White II
I hate her outfit but I love her hair and she's pretty adorable...
That's pretty much it, haha... but I liked her hair and general design so much that my White II character's appearance is inspired by her a lot, actually.
Also, she was pretty badass in the game teaser, I mean look at this super awesome Serperior.
Last up for the girls is...
Serena - Pokémon X/Y
Unlike all the others before I really think her anime character is adorable. She's totally crushing on Satoshi - god knows all the female leads do and only god knows why - but it's so super obvious and she's just really lovely, if you ask me.
My protagonist in Y was male so I didn't experience her during the game, all I can say is that the choice of clothes for her were immense and cute and I kind of missed that for the male characters. 
I guess that's what my male friends feel like when we try to go shopping in real life...
I really liked how they included that you could change your trainer's appearance in the anime as well. In my opinion, her new outfit and hairstyle look at least a thousand times better on her.

Moving on to the males now, I will go backwards from the most recent to the oldest generation, which means we start with...

Pokemon X and Y Trainer sprite by tebited15Calem - Pokémon X/Y
I think he looked pretty cool already without customization.
Generally the protagonists in X and Y finally seem to be elder teenagers, probably about 15-18 years old {depending how you dress them of course} and I liked that because though I always come up with my own stories and characters in every game, it has its own charme to actually not be bound to play a 10 year old child all the time. I always thought it was about damn time because even though it might work in some countries, I have the impression that where I live the majority of people who like Pokémon grew up with it already and just don't fit into a target group that is meant for 10 years olds. My little sister for example, who's definitely in the targeted group, wouldn't even know what Pokémon is without me...
It's like Nintendo is all these grand parents who want to take you to a kid's movie when you're 15 or older because they just didn't realize yet, that you've grown and matured...

Brix.png BrendanPokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Pokémon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire 
When the first generation Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald came out the sprite of Brendan always made it look like he was sporting spiky white hair. Super cool, if you asked me.
I really liked his sprite in general because it looked super cute. I was mildly disappointed when I found out that he was actually wearing a weird hat and his hair was just brown/black.
However his new design in ORAS is pretty cool and I love his competition outfit to bits.
... Did you know that in the manga, Sapphire/May is quite much involved in Pokémon matches while Ruby/Brendan attends competitions to win ribbons?

Wes - Pokémon Colloseum
Quite obviously not out of one of the main games but still one of my favorites.
What makes Wes different from all the other protagonists is, that he is/was in fact a villain and I think that gives him and his story a really interesting twist.
Also he's super badass, I like his tanned skin and the frown he's constantly sporting.
His design is pretty cool too and his two starters Espeon and Umbreon just beat ass.
I think there should be more games where you slip into the role of a villain, being part of these bad organisations you always fight and make up your own way - realizing what's right and wrong and then deciding which path you want to take? Get out of the team and fight them like you always should have - just like Wes - or stick with them?
Klarin.pngEthan - Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal and Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver
I didn't like his loudly boasting equivalent Kenta too much but his manga character and everything he's involved in as Gold - a name he went by before Ethan showed up - in the fandom makes me like him a lot. While Kenta was kind of annoying in the TV special I talked about when I introduced Kris, his Typhlosion was pretty damn cool. Keep it up, kid!

Last in line, is no other but the one trainer we all climbed Mt. Silver to meet, the one it all started with:
Rot.gifRed - Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow and Pokémon FireRed / LeafGreen
I think there is no way this trainer wouldn't get a special place in everyone's heart. He's the one who we first walked with, and who we get annoyed with when we play old games and you can't run nowhere and get the impression you'll die of old age before you even have the chance to leave Pallet Town.
I really like his grumpy, mysterious character and the way the fandom celebrates him as a closet-softie. His character change for Pokémon Origins was necessary for the series I guess, but I still like the old school intorvert Red more.

I don't have much else to say... {only that I'm sad you could never play Yellow - she's such a cutie} the only protagonist that comes to my mind, that I just don't get along with well is Satoshi/Ash - the anime protagonist that never ages and never learns from his mistakes... I don't know but I find this kid pretty annoying {even more than all the female second leads that ALWAYS fall in love with him}. I don't think he's such a good Pokémon trainer after all.... but who knows how I'd be if I was doomed to be a 10 years old for 18 years - yeah right, the first episode of Pokémon aired April 1st 1997.

Who is your favorite protagonist in Pokémon?
Tell me in a comment below.

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