11 March 2015

highlights 2014 ♡ Düsseldorf

Before this year get its own drive of happenings to keep track of, 
it's time to get done with the second part of this short series, 
I plainly dubbed 'highlights 2014' {ew, how boring}
You can read the first part about the gamescom here.

First off, I went to Düsseldorf twice last year.
When I started my mini tour around the country to visit and meet up with several friends, my first stop was at my friend Aiji's and her boyfriend's place, who I went to gamescom with. They live near Düsseldorf and it's kind of tradition for them already to take me to this city whenever I visit. This time Lijan and I had to go without Aiji but still enjoyed our short stay.
A month later, after my visit at my best friend Cat's house I went back to Düsseldorf again for another weekend.
I guess I already mentioned this in my nutshells last year.
I won't comment on the whole disaster called K-Culture Festival again, so let's just move on.
What I like the most about Düsseldorf is the comparatively large choice of authentic Japanese restaurants and stores, something I can't find that easily in Berlin {I know there are some places but I just didn't get hold of them yet} and the scenery. It differs quite a lot from the capital and has its own way and rhythm and I loved to simply sit somewhere, enjoying the sun and summer breeze and watch the ordinary.
Another thing that is super characteristic for Düsseldorf - of course - is the Rhine and the riverwalk.
During my second stay my friend felix and I spent a lot of time just sitting there and talking about random stuff. It looks so beautiful and about 60% of my photos were taken there because I enjoyed the view just soo much.
We shared a flat I found on airbnb - quite close to the main station, super comfy and convenient - and since we didn't have any festival to attend anymore, we spent our days with whatever came to our mind and what we wanted to do. We just looked around, walking around the city one day, met aquaintance by accident and ate lunch together, we went window shopping and just randomly explored the area. This is something I feel I should do a lot more, also in cities I always think I know - yep, talking about Berlin once again - and this trip {among other things} made me want to check out other places in Germany, too. 
I'm seduced to go the distance and long to see foreign places, other countries and therefore easily forget that there is so much diversity in a single country already, that is worth to be explored just the same.
On another note I still really regret not buying this onepiece. Whenever I see these photos on my hard drive it scrunches up my heart pathetically.
These are one of my favorite photos we took during these three days. 
A lot of fans who wanted to attend the same festival met up on Saturday and we considered checking out the place a bit too, but in the end it was just too crowded for us and we got another meeting showing up in our schedule anyway. It was still kind of cute to see all these excited kids and their reaction to our matching EXO merchandise. Also, the pretty prince looked simply stunning, OK?!

Do you prefer to go the distance or stay closer to your hometown/country?
Tell me in a comment below.

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