30 March 2015

...and that's who I am ♡

I'm really lazy these days. really. lazy.
The weird thing is, that I get frustrated over myself because of that and still can't get myself to just get up and do things I have to do.
This time, I've been clicking through a blog, I've started to follow only a week or so ago, keeping myself from studying for the exam that is still waiting for me at the beginning of the new semester, that will start in a couple of weeks.
Piixel is a really cute blog, written by Sann and I've re-discovered a really offbeat blogging-style that I would like to be inspired by, too. It feels just so much richer in variety and I would love to have more of that on my blog as well. You should definitely check her blog, if you're constantly looking for new, interesting and fun blogs to follow - just like me.
Anyway, I clicked through her articles and found one, that seized on a tumblr blog called "andthatswhoIam". 
I've seen their edits and post and pictures floading around the Internet for a longer time now. I could spend hours, if not even days on that page, clicking through all the random little thoughts they gather and share there and because I always wanted to do this - but never did - I spontaniously decided to give you this - by contrast with former updates - rather random update here, where I want to share a couple of things I found, browsing this blog.
If you're curious, you can check out the clearly smaller selection, Sann shared on her blog, here.


I love tumblr. I spend a lot more time on that website than I should, and I know it.
I still do childish things. A lot actually. The special someone even started to call me "아이" (literally: child) because of it.
I'm really sensitive. I am and I tried to cover it up and hide it for a long time, but now I work on myself and started to reflect a lot about myself and I've come to the conclusion that being sensitive isn't all that bad.
It's a part of me that I'm learning to accept and not be ashamed of it anymore. It's not a sign of weakness to be sensitive.
I'd ship anything and everything. I guess that is an illness that spread completely in my mind after I joined tumblr. I had tendencies for that as long as I can remember, but these days it gets ridiculous... but it's fun and it doesn't hurt anyone {because though I ship passionately, I'm not pushy and unrespectful!}I'm just in love with the thought of someone being in love.
I want to be a better me. Admittedly, this goes between the lines of "I am a perfectionist". I just always try to better myself. Sometimes I'm really harsh to myself but most of the time I just try to keep myself motivated to improve and become a better person, that I am proud to be.
I fall in love with words. I love words, which probably explains why I sit here, typing away on my keyboard.
I think words are magical and they can create fantastic worlds and take you away and make you fall in love with the tiniest things and it's just really beautiful.
I'm there for people. I always try to be there and support my friends and my family and... I don't feel like I'm always succeeding to cheer people up but I will always be there; I am trying and I will never stop.
I'm always confused. I catch myself being out of it a lot. Usually the thoughts are just racing so much in my mind, that I forget things and it's bothersome because sometimes I forget important things and hurt people who are precious to me because of it.
I love making lists. This goes hand in hand with the one prior, because this is basically the cure for it and it gives me a feeling of security and makes me feel busier - which results in me feeling happier with myself. I just make lists for everything and the feeling I get when I can tick off one task boosts me so much, that I get a lot more stuff done, ever since I started to make lists.

I smile at strangers. My cousine once asked me if I knew an elderly couple we passed on the street because I smiled at them and greeted. I didn't know them - that is just what I do. You can't even imagine how their faces lit up when I casted a smile and said hello. You can give even strangers so much happiness with something small and simple like a smile - and it's for free, too. So yeah, I am that weird girl that smiles at strangers.
I love stationery. I am obsessed with it... good thing I'm on the stingy side when it comes to money I spend on myself, though. I wouldn't have enough space for all the super cute things, I'd love to buy - oh, if I just had a little more cash. {How can you not get addicted to stationery once you've seen the kawaii shit you can get in Japan and Korea anyway!?}

I don't give up. I never do. That is one of the most important and strongest lessons my mom taught me and I'm grateful for this every day.
I take photos of everything. But I forget to upload them on IG and twitter a lot... and when I actually go somewhere interesting, I forget to take photos because I am too excited and fascinated with the new impressions and surroundings - no matter how obsessed I am with capturing everything with my phone or cam every other day of the year.
I can never be mean. If you piss me off, I'll be mad at you but I just can't be mean to people. I don't know why...
I can never control my laughter. My laughter is aweful: it's loud and I look pretty creepy because my face grimaces but I don't see why I should hold in any of the happiness that is bubbling within. I learned to control my laughter though, so if it is needed, I can keep quiet, though my whole body starts to tremble when I have to bottle up all the energy and emotion.

This was just a small glimps of all the things on that tumblr blog I can relate to.
If you're trying to bring a bit more about yourself on your blog with those, I'd love to see them.

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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