1 April 2015

三月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

Though I don't want to promise too much, I've been wandering in circles with all the new ideas I have for my blog this year and as much as the closeness to the new semester scares and stresses me out, it boosts my motivation to get creative likewise {what an irony}.
But even if I succeed - as if by magic - to blog more actively and with a variety of content, there are some "classics" I don't want to neglect; including the monthly input of nutshells and small glimps of my everyday life.

That is why today, I'll share some thoughts and photos of March.


三月 ♡

Mentioned a couple of times before, whenever the opportunity showed itself, I moved in March. 
I moved up two floors and got an extra room - and roommate - within my family's house, which caused not only me but all my siblings likewise, to change into another room 
but now everything's calming down again and everyone is getting used to the new situation. 
Decorating my room the way I imagined it, however, takes its time. We went to IKEA during the process to buy some stuff needed, too {and that is where the first photo was taken}.
I fell in love with an instant white hot chocolate drink, I found at the super market 
but it won't be able to kick my selfmade milk tea off its throne. 
The weather got really nice and sunny 
{neverminding the stormy & cold weather we have since last week} 
and we went on a small tour with the bikes. 
Beside small events like that I stayed home a lot, but two bigger events decoyed me out after all: 
I went to the Leipzig Book Fair for one day & took the chance to see Catrin from Mutsuminism again when she was visiting Berlin. It's been the first time, after our meet ups in Tokyo, back in March 2014. 
We went to a small café; one of my favorites actually - though I rarely go there, 
because it's basically on the other side of town.


Something random: I applied for my classes this morning and I'm a little nervous because I applied to two more classes than originally planned. 
They both sound super interesting, and though studying for my two language classes takes up a lot of time already and the new classes come with an extra exam and term paper, I look forward to a bit more variety in my study routine and university life.
If they threaten to break my neck, I can still pull the scaredy-cat and cancel the extra lessons. Considering to take this action if necessary, festers my pride, however the thought takes a bit of stress and pressure off my shoulders already.

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