5 March 2015

二月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

After moving around the house for the last two weekends, I will finally take my time to work on current projects - for this blog as well as my fanfictions and so on - now when I have a bit of vacation.
I need to prepare for my Korean exam soon, since I postponed it from February to April, so that I can fully concentrate on my exam in Japanese. 
It was worth it. My teacher sent me an email a few days ago, announcing that I passed with 72 points {2.3}, which is a huge improvement for me, considering that I failed this class last year.

We're already 5 days into the new month, so here I go with a short summary of February.


二月 ♡
As I mentioned prior, February was still packed with a lot of university work.
It suddenly snowed again in the beginning of the month but now it's all gone and spring is about to arrive - I've been waiting so long for my favorite season.
After 1 1/2weeks without tea because my water kettle broke and I don't have the time to boil water on the stove in the morining - I swear these days were like a nightmare, I couldn't concentrate and was constantly tired - I finally got a new kettle that is pretty awesome and super fast.
I got a new dreamie for my Animal Crossing game - now only 2 more are missing but I'm afraid it will take some time to get them at last.
I had to see off my best friend because he's studying abroad in Seoul for 6months but I'm super proud of him and happy... but I also can't wait for summer when he'll return.

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