3 October 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 21

Route 21 What's your favorite shiny Pokémon? List all shinies you've ever caught.

I never really was obsessed with catching shiny pokémon but get ridiculously excited whenever I do encounter them...
And though there are a lot of pokémon whose shiny version look really hurtful for the eye - especially the neon blue/green species out there... some of them are really cute.
I especially like the ones that become pastel colored or change comparatively little and also the types that turn black like shiny camerupt or charziard. They are pretty badass.

One, if not my absolute favorite shiny pokémon would be Mew!
I already like its cute original bubblegum pink color and its shiny version is just as cute - all in pastel baby blue.

source ♡
I don't exactly remember which was my first shiny Pokémon and I know that I got a couple of them while trading and therefore didn't actually catch them myself... but nonetheless I will share a list of every shiny I had in my games:

Woobat and I just had a really short time together; I caught it on a game from my cousin and she deleted it...

Mew and Jirachi. Truth to be told, these two were cheated and traded to me from a friend... but just look at them!

074.gif 027.gif 255.gif
Geodude, Sandshrew and Torchic - currently on my Diamond Edition.

Gyarados, one of the few shinies you can regularily catch - currently on my Heart Gold Edition.

Beldum, a present all the early birds in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire got - currently on my Omga Ruby Edition.

049.gif 112.gif
Venomoth and Rhydon are still from one of my first games, stuck on my Leaf Green Edition.

I remember that I once caught a shiny Zigzagoon but since it was the favorite Pokémon of a friend, I gave it to her...

Which is your favorite shiny pokémon?
Tell me in a comment below.

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