15 October 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 23

Route 23 Favorite Elite Four/Champion? Least favorite?

The Pokémon League and the Elite Four. After asking about my favorite gym leader it was just a matter of time before this question would come up, I guess.
It's much easier this time, though.

Datei:Troy und Mega-Metagross (Promo-Artwork).png

favorite Champion
Troy Trumm, champion of the league in Hoenn.
I still remember how surprised I was when he turned out to be the champ in my first play of Pokémon Sapphire all these years ago. Beside that I like his grey hair and Metagross (and his special friendship with one of my favorite gym leaders, Wallace).


favorite Elite Four member
Aaron, your first challenger in the league of Sinnoh.
He specializes in bug type pokémon which isn't really as challenging, but since I have quite a thing for bug type pokémon, I'm happy for Nintendo's afford to make them look cooler than the team of 6 Wurmple and their desperate trainer in the Petalburg Woods of Hoenn.

least favorite
I don't have something like a least favorite among the Elite Four and/or Champions in the games.
I think the concept of an actual tournament, like they used to have in the anime is a little more realistic and exciting to really find the best pokémon trainer, to call Champ then, but beside that I meet every Elite Four member I don't exactly fancy with simple indifference.
They are there and I have to challenge them but that's it.

Whose your favorite challenger among all the Pokémon Leagues 
we got to wander through in the past games?
Tell me in a comment below.

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