17 November 2015

Sweetening daily life ♡ Autumn haul

Partly inspired by Jessie from Jeweled Heart who published her most recent hauls like a machine the last couple of weeks, I decided to give you a small overview what I spent my money on the last couple of weeks, too.

Realizing that the majority of my new treasures emphasize my reawoken passion for anything cute, girly or pastel - it wasn't hard to decide on a title and this post here maybe gets me motivated enough to prepare a handful of reviews that I am dying to work on for you, but wasn't able to yet because grey weather only gave me crappy lightning that I wouldn't be satisfied with for my photos.
Maybe I will have more luck on a weekend, soon...

So this update is to share some of the things I might rave about in a review soon, or which I generally bought during the last two months (basically everything I got after returning from Korea in late August).


One of the first things that arrived was this simple T-Shirt that I ordered from a store on storenvy, called Khujii, together with a pair of tights you'll see on a different photo because they weren't shipped in one package. 
I will write a collective review about my experiences with this store soon, the items however are not available anymore.

I shared this shot on twitter already, after realizing how hard it is to take a decent photo of long dark clothes if the lightning isn't cooperating at all. 
Sadly it's not really showing neither the coat, nor the dress I got on a shopping spree with my boyfriend.

In the beginning of October there was another package day, bringing the tights I mentioned above and my new Animal Crossing game to my door-step - I have been waiting impatiently for that spin-off ever since it was announced and released in Japan. 
The ticket for my first concert this year arrived as well. Needless to say I had to buy a couple of amiibo card boosters to make up for my new plaything. I was quite lucky so far and only got two doubles in my sixth and seventh pack.

I ordered a new phone case for one of my friends but it wasn't such a success because the device information got mixed up and now I own two hard cover phone cases for a phone noone around has, but because I am such a huge fan of the artist who designs the covers, I had to buy some of the post-card samples as decoration, too. If you haven't already you should definitely check out their page (especially if you're a KPOP fan) they have an amazingly large choice for different phones - even tablets - and you can get almost all of the available motives as prints on post-cards, posters and even T-Shirts. → summonflyingtoenail.com

The two last things that I welcomed home, were amiibo Pikachu - which I mentioned in my October nutshell - and this super cute pink heartbag that I ordered from another store on storenvy (its name is MoLa_MoLa), sadly it's a tiny bit too small for all the random but necessary stuff I carry with me on a daily basis.

If you are especially interested in a certain item out of my collection of small treasures, don't hesitate to ask about it in a comment. I will try to counter the flood of Animal Crossing content that will wash over this blog in several waves with some other stuff and therefore desperately hope for decent lightning and time to take photos so that I can present you reviews and other stuff like that without wanting to curl up and die.

Do you treat yourself to sweeten your daily life a bit from time to time?
Tell me in a comment below.

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