25 January 2016

부산 ♡ in the far southeast

After our first two weeks in Seoul we decided to pack up some things and take a trip somewhere else. Seoul is a great place with many things and places to discover and explore but it was really important for me to see as much from Korea as possible.
A part of my boyfriend's family lives close to Busan, which made it extra convenient for us in terms of lodging. His mother accompanied us as well and - oh lord - they were all so incredibly warm and nice to me and I honestly can't say how much I enjoyed our short journey of exploration.
Since I have a ton of photos from the two or three days we spent in the far southeast of Korea, this here will be the vanguard only. 

Busan ( 부산 ) is Korea's second largest city, after its capital Seoul.
It's located on the Southeastern-most tip of the Korean peninsula.
Many bays make Busan a natural harbor. Also, Busan has one of the largest beaches which make it a place with a lot of national tourists.
The list of universities or temples, religious and historical sites make Busan an attractive place to live, study or visit.

We took a bus from one of Seoul's long distance bus stations and the ride was about 5 hours until we arrived somewhere in Nothern Busan. Although it turned out to be kind of inconvenient to get anywhere from this specific station then, I came to like bus travels a lot. It's relatively easy to get tickets and far less expensive than going by train (next to the fact that most of the trains are like freaking fridges in summer).
Since it was the first weekend in August that we spent there, a lot of Korean tourists were there as well, to enjoy their summer vacation on the beach.
A beach festival that should be held on the weekend of our trip boosted the number of visitors even more, which also intensified the holiday atmosphere-kind of impression made on me.

I will do extra updates about our short night stroll around Haeundae and the beautiful temple Haedong Yonggungsa, that we visited the day afterwards, before we had lunch with a lot of relatives. I still remember how the small core of my host family (aunt, uncle and cousin of my boyfriend & his mother) went out of their way to get bread for me but we ended up eating patbingsu in the middle of the night.

I will link the update about the Haeundae and Haedong Yonggungsa in the respective following photos once they are online, so you have extra easy access and already a small peek of what will follow next:


I hope you look forward to the next updates. They will be filled with lots and lots of photos and I will try to include some small stories and trivia of what I experienced (like the small patbingsu story I mentioned at the beginning of this update).

Any questions? 
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