16 January 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 08

It's already time for the next part of me rambling about my favorite things in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! As always I invite you to join me in this little challenge. You can find the overview of the questions here.

After talking character and gender and even color in the last couple of updates, today we'll talk about the popularity of villagers which comes with some struggle for me - but we'll see how it goes.

26 my favorite popular villager

I realized that many of my dreamies are quite popular in the ACNL community (Zucker, Marshal, Beau,...) It's probably because of that popularity that I wasn't able to simply get Molly, too - she seems to be a lot more popular than I thought at first, too.
And though I do get why everyone likes them - heck, I adore them to no end, too (obviously), I don't necessarily think that other villagers, who are less popular are actually less likable. I mean, they have the same quirks and manners, based on their gender/character type and will literally talk about the same stuff as long as their character trade is the same (this happened to me a couple of times already with Zucker and Beau)... but I guess having a small squirrel talk about dancing to j-pop or a huge bear with an unibrow can make a huge difference no matter how hard we try to not be judgemental or superficial.

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27 my favorite unpopular villager

I don't even know at which point a villager counts as 'unpopular' and actually giving some that tag when they are not (because I'm not as involved in the community as some might think) would feel rather wrong for me. I do however know that some of the NPC are rather unpopular and there is specifically one that I like a lot and which I want to include though he isn't actually a villager.
I'm talking about the - jab jab - always fast talking Lyle
I used to hate him in Wild World when he was still an insurance agent and tried to talk you into dubious contracts but ever since he changed branches and is now agent of the Happy Home Academy I can't get enough of his ever-ambitious blue otter self. I especially like his friendship with Tom Nook and the small bits of gossip he spreads from time to time if you chat him up in the store.

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What do you think about popular and unpopular villagers?
Tell me in a comment below.

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