13 January 2016

Moving Villagers ♡ とびだせどうぶつの森

After putting this series to a rest right after starting it, I decided to finally get together the next part of that small sector where I answer unasked questions and share tips and tricks about one of my favorite games ever: Animal Crossing New Leaf.
In the last part I talked about how to start (you can check it out here) and will move on to a rather nerve-wrecking, crucial part, that might take a lot of time for ambitious players to achieve.
It's a point at which I was really, really happy to find so much help from other, more experienced players online, which I want to gather and share all together today.
We're talking about moving villagers and everything about this topic that comes to my mind.

So first of all, let me explain a term that you will find on a handful of animal crossing blogs: dreamies.

What are dreamies?
Dreamies are the villagers you want to have in your town.
Since many people work to make their town look really beautiful as a dream town (I will explain this aspect of the game in detail another time) one of the first things you would probably make your mind up about are the animalistic neighbours you want to live with.
You can look up all the villagers they are on pages like the Animal Crossing Wiki (which is one of my to-go-links), where they are sorted by specimen, gender and character trade.

Now, another thing that you should keep in mind is that when you start your game you have a fair number of 5 villagers already living in the town you move to. On each following day a new villager's house's plot will appear before they will move in the day afterwards. This will continue until you have a total number of 9 neighbours (you can have 10 neighbours but the last one won't move in automatically).
They usually move in in a specific pattern of character trades, too.
Since your original 5 villagers can't be from the character smug or uchi, the first two neighbours are usually out of these character categories.

Once the number of 9 villagers is reached, they will eventually tell you that they plan to move out.
If that happens you have two options - decline (which will make them stay, you don't need to convince them further than to click that "please don't" button) or encourage them to move.
It's a little tricky with that sometimes. If you click the "good bye" option too fast they might stay so I made it a habit to wait 30~60seconds before pressing the option after the menue appears.
When they tell you about their moving plans they will mention a date on which they will move (the day afterwards, their house will be gone and you can't convince them not to move when the moving day has come).
Also, be aware that I read about villagers not telling you about their moving plans if you don't talk to them a lot but if they do, they will "ping" (the term I use to describe their surprise emotion with the ! above their heads. They will walk over and try to talk to you)
Another way to know about moving plans is through gossip that other villagers will tell you.
In order to keep someone from moving however, you need them to ping and tell you in person.

But how do you make someone move out, if you want them to?
There are different theories on how to reach this aim.

Some they you should hit the unwanted villager with a net or make them angry by pushing them around or into pitfalls. However this has proven to be unsuccessful in most of the cases and needs almost as much time as the other theory of making them like you so much that the game brings up an obstacle in your mission to befriend with this specific villager: their plan to move.
The most effective and fastes way to move villagers out goes another route.
For this to work you need to be able to create another player. It will take you around 7 ~ 10 days for the whole process.

The plan works as follows:
1) create a new player
2) introduce yourself to every villager (also the one you want to move out).
3) play everyday and talk to every villager EXPECT the one you want to move out. you have to completely and utterly ignore them
4) after 5~7 days the game will make this villager want to move because it senses that said villager isn't needed in the game since the player didn't speak to them at all
5) your main player, that is probably friends with the villager that now wants to move out will probably be notified about this since they are friends in the game's sense of that word.
From here on you can time travel to the day of the move or just take it slow, depending on what you prefer. Of course you can delete the ignorant additional player again afterwards.

There is a restriction though, the last neighbour that moved in will never try to move out, unless someone else moved out after their arrival.
For example, I have 9 villagers currently and the last one that moved in is Beau. He won't try to move out unless a 10th villager moves in or one of the other 8 villagers moves out.

After I talked about how to get rid of them, I should probably tell you where you can get your dreamies from.
You can get them as one of the automatic move-ins - if you're patient at least.
I plot resetted most of my dreamies and two of them were from the two first automatic move-ins at the beginning of the game: on day 2, plots for uchi villagers appeared in my town and I started a new player to check whose plots it were before starting the game with my mayor because the game will save the town BEFORE letting you into your town, unless you start a new game - which is the trick and essence of plot-resetting. If you want me to explain this in detail, please write me a comment - this update is getting out of hand already.

Once you built the campsite public work project you can convince camping villagers to move in to your town, too (you can plot-reset your campsite too, but it's really, really time-consuming).
If you get a villager from the campsite their house's plot will most probably appear two days after you convinced them to move. You can reset where they put their plot, then.

Then, of course you can visit another's town and talk to a villager on their moving day to make them move from your friend's town into your own. There are announces about moveouts on tumblr and twitter and in facebook communities. I usually announced moveouts on twitter and tumblr, too.

A last way to get a villager (it can be the 10th too, though it feels like an automatic move-in), is as the consequence of spot and/or street passes.
The villager that move out of your town and aren't directly mediated to another player are saved in some kind of virtual dumb that will be put out to fellow Animal Crossing players when you play with them (one of my best friend's moved out villagers moved into my town after I visited his town) or meet them randomly on the streets. If someone moves in following a street-pass it will be notified in your consoles notification system as "(mayor's name) visited your town" or something like that next to the usual Happy Home Academy notification about the model home they put into your park. You can only reset the place of their plot for these villagers, which is why I keep my WiFi-function turned off and can't play with any fellow mayors until I have my last dreamie and 10th villagers. 
Yes, you can get paranoid about little things like that.

There is a special move-in and -out pattern that I already mentioned a bit before.

I will try to explain it a bit further in the following paragraph:
  • until you have 9 villagers, randon villagers will move in
  • the possibility of a plot appearing somewhere in your town will grow with every day following the last move out until it's up to 80~90% 5 days afterwards.
  • if you have 9 villagers, they will start to plan to move out
  • once they ping you and you tell them to stay it will take 2~4 days until the next one tries to move out
  • rumors about their moves and them trying to ping you will start ca. 5 days before their planned moving-day
  • when noone wants to move out, every character category has a special kind of rumor they will talk about instead - click here for an overview.

Lastly, let's talk about the one that got away.
When a beloved villager moves out it's not impossible to have them move in again.
It might be easier to get them from another town than to wait for them to turn up in your campsite but it's not impossible.

I hope I covered everything about this now.
Moving in your dreamies can take a toll on you and - from my experience - takes forever.
But if you're patient and able to keep your motivation it will all be worth the while in the end.
If you have more questions or specific problems, 
please tell me in a comment below.

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