29 May 2012

{gets} actually... 〈april, 27〉

I decided to consider the only comment I got... 
And will try to accomplish everything smoothly... and almost chronological. 
So let's start with one of those damn get-posts... haha

Actually I just needed new make-up foundation and room shoes... and small stuff like that
when I decided to go to Berlin at this Firday 27th of April.
I was happy to see my cousine again after quite a while... and we spend a really nice - sunny and hot day.
I really liked my outfit but it turned out too warm how I had to experience later the day... (´△` );

{sorry for the shitty photo quality and the mess in the background -
 but hey - I was lazy because I just had my written exams over...}

My outfit in facts ~☆
shawl : H&M
shirt : H&M
jeggins: ???
necklace : NEWYORKER

Despite the photos of the stuff I bought I just have to share those two pics of the campaign-thingsy H&M held at this time. It's not their first time supporting anti-AIDS research and related things but I really, really like their posters and placards this time.
It's like they spread love and passion everywhere.
Of course I fell the most for the both gay couples I found and it's so good they promote for more tolerance with this as well.
Unfortunately the collection of goods you could buy to donate for that campaign due to your purchase were absolutely NOT my style and as hard as I tried... I just couldn't find anything I liked.... (_ __)m

And now... my gets !

liquid make-up foundation - MANHATTAN perfect adapt make up. 
(6.95€ ⇒ about £5.55 or 8.70USD)
I love it. It's really the best I ever got.
The only problem - I never found it anywhere but Berlin 
- Alexa (shopping mall at the Alexander Platz in the middle of Berlin)
So I bought two cans - I don't need to get there just because of make-up so soon again.

click & go french nails from essence.
(3.20€ ⇒ about £2.60 or 4.20USD)
these were absolutely NOT worth the money...
one of the greatest fail-purchases I ever did.
I was kinda sceptic already before the purchase 
when I read on the back they just should stay for 3 days... 
In fact they didn't where suitable for my fingers but one-sized 
packages with 12 different clips...which lastet
... about 6h before I freaked out and pulled them off again. ( `_´)

 outside ♥
inside ♥

TEDDY wallet.
(15€ ⇒ about £12.20 or 19.90USD)
I just fell in love with that cute thingy at first sight.
I thought about buying a new wallet 
since my old DOMO-KUN (♥) purse was too small 
for all the stuff I carry with me in it... 
I wasn't able to close it anymore..and when I went through the Alexa 
I just saw this on a stall between the shops and bought it revlexively ! 
It has so much storage and honestly - it's the cutest wallet I ever saw. (◕㉨◕)

leopard print + ribbons - earrings.
(4.95€ ⇒ about £4.00 or 6.95USD)
I saw them when I searched my foundation in a Rossmann store 
at the station but they didn't had it.
When I saw them I just felt the urge to buy them.
They are just perfect and when ever I see them a fascinated
"galish!" crosses my mind. 

That was it actually.
My older dog died this day too. She got so worse during one day that my granny decided to let Afra be euthanyzed. 
I was so shocked when my mom called me because I still was at my uncle's place...
But thinking about it now I'm kinda relieved I was on the move...
The sadness hit me anyway.. but later when I already had the time to prepare myself for it on my way back home in the early evening then... 
I'm sure she's better now. I will never forget her though. ♥

To end the post positive: Of course my cousine and I couldn't resist and had some BBT.
Not at my favorite store but from the same chain - BOBOQ ~☆

something with much, much strawberry for her (tiger) and 
passion fruit milk + litchi jelly for me (snake). yum. ♡

(完全体セル's version)


  1. Das Portemonnaie sieht total süß aus!! Die neue Werbung von H&M find ich auch gut und das mit deinem Hund tut mir echt leid, ich kenne das Gefühl, ein geliebtes Tier zu verlieren, zu gut!

  2. ;Ä;!! Teddy!!! Wie süß! So einen hätt ich auch gern, haha! XD
    Und ich benutz die selbe Foundation wie du *3* Hihi...♥

  3. Oh, ist das Teddy-Portemonaie süß! Ich will auch sowas xD
    und mein Beileid, es ist immer hart ein geliebtes Tier zu verlieren T_T

  4. Dein Portemonnaie ist ja super süss! *O*
    ach und das mit deinem Hund tut mir leid ._.
    und das mit den Kontaktlinsen: Ne, ich habe keine Stärke oder dergleichen ^^ Du hast es gut o.o und ich denk bei mir würde es wahrscheinlich genau so lang brauchen, um sie mir einzusetzen xD Nja, das mit dem Optiker heute ging irgendwie in die Hose, da ich den Termin verplant habe ._.'' ist erst in 2 Wochen, oje o.o habe beschlossen einen anderen aufzusuchen~ <

    Ich liebe die Version von Sungyeol und Sungjong *_* Besonders das mit Troublemaker; genial! :D und dabei hast du recht ^-^

    PONPONPON kenne ich natürlich selbstverständlich! *u* Das ist ein super-mega-süsser song! >w< und Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ist einfach nur total süss und hübsch! :3

    Und jetzt tut es mir leid, dass ich dich voll spame xD Wie du mir so ich dir, haha :'D Ich persönlich freue mich über Kommentare ^__^- Danke dafür♥♥