29 May 2012

{gets} I just forgot ... [april, 27]

I'm so forgetfull that it's not only embarrassing but almost painful...

It's nothing big... in fact I just forgot to upload a good from the trip about which I wrote in the last post...
So here a short follow up with the last goods I bought in April together with my cousine...

BACK CASE for iPhone 3G/S from telileo.
(19.99€ ⇒ about £16.30 or 26.50USD)

I searched for such cases forever I felt...
Since the new iPhone generation is available the stalls with all those cute cases vanished.
I don't know why or when or where they are now but 
I searched nearly 1h untill I found them in a MediaMarkt. 
It seems like only shops who sell cell phones and other 
electrical equipment still have cases for this rather old generation... 
so I bought those two even though I found it expensive.
But still better than without case - I got my かくざこう from my dad.
'he' was his old 3G and already has a crack in the back... 
No need to risk more damage!

Anyway... How do you like those?

 now listening to: LOCK ON by KAT-TUN 


  1. That sparkly one looks so cool! It's fun to see cases for phones coming back again, like back in the days for the old Nokia phones... XD
    Guess it means today's phones are meant to last longer, and people want to keep them for as long as possible (as in buying a new case instead of a new phone, perhaps?...) ^-^

    1. The sparkling case really is legit.
      But I never used it till now though. q:
      I guess... it's more the wish that phones last longer... I fear they actually don't...
      New smart phones seem to break just by looking at them in the wrong way... sooo fragile. O;

  2. Love both the cases, but especially the sparkly one! Made me want a new one too >_< haha