31 May 2012

{life update} and previously... [april, 15]

When I searched for the photos I just showed you I found the photos I took at Hanami this year.
Yeah... At the 14th and 15th of April in Berlin in the Gardens of the world was a big festival in occation of Hanami. I went there with a good friend of mine - Lil.

I just want to show you some pictures because I thought it would be a pity having them but never sharing them...
There were soo many cosplayers and also some of the persons with which we met up did.
But I haven't any good photos and most of the other cosplayers I saw weren't... THAT good.
I mean.. I really, really, respect cosplayers because I never ever tried it myself and I'm sure I'd just bloodly fail.
But there are others who obviously aren't made to cosplay.... and do it anyway.
I'm happy if they feel good doing that but in fact... I fear they just make others laugh at them.

Anyway... The cherry blossoms where really, really beautiful and I wondered if Hanami (the big convention in Ludwigshafen am Rhein,Germany) would make sense because already in April the blossoms started to... fade.
And the big con was even later...

 don't know exactly why I look so serious... ? o:

&  Korean fried vegetables - yum. ♥

Tomorrow will be a great day...
I'll go to my piercer again to get my piercing changed.
*still have the bigger pierce you get right after pricking*
Then I have to go to school to get some stuff done at last... and to the bank as well.
'need to order money (that sounds so dumb... srsly) for Prague.
And!! most important! I'll do my application for university! 
Wish me luck! *_*

Maybe I'll go to Berlin afterwards... partying with some friends - but I'm not sure yet.
Saturday I'll finally go to cinema with Kathi and Henny to watch DARK SHADOWS and Kathi and I thought about attending the 'long night of sciences' in Berlin.
I guess it would be pretty cool going to the Korea studies again, eating some delicious tteok (rice cake) and having small talks with students of the university... That's what I already did last year - hehe

I'll take photos for sure and show you then !
Have a nice week end... 
and though I couldn't go to Duesseldorf, to the J-Day to meet lovely Jiji and lovely Ma-chan and all the others from the concert again... I'm happy I got some other nice stuff to do.

 now listening to: PARADE by AYABIE 


  1. ;Ä; he mecker ma nicht über meine Hanami! xDD
    Ich find, das ist eh mehr 'ne Cosplay COnvention als das traditionelle Hanami, daher find ich es eigentlich total egal ob Hanami nun früh oder spät ist :D
    Zumal andere Bäumchen ja auch blühen usw, daher x3
    Die Fotos mag ich alle sehr, sind schön geworden :D Und dein ernster Blick...hm vllt hast du einfach nur an was komisches gedacht? XD

    1. Ich hab nicht gemeckert... o:
      *hatte ich zumindest nicht vor... xx;
      & klar ist es dann eher Cosplay & so... Aber dennoch... q:

      Danke :D
      & eh... ich weiß nicht mehr.. xD