6 June 2012

{music} 30 days music video challenge - My Favorite Debut MV Of A Boy/Girl Band 「01/30」

Heiya !
Lately I'm really into MVs again and so it's actually not that... surprising that I just had to join the challenge Angi started at her blog! haha
Here we go - the 30 Days Music Video Challenge - by Akai no Kuchibiru !

[Day 1] Your favorite debut MV of a boy band or girl band.
[Day 2] The first MV you watched of your favorite Band/Singer.
[Day 3] A MV you like that just came out recently.
[Day 4] The funniest MV you know.
[Day 5] The most artistic MV you know.
[Day 6] The MV that fits the lyrics the most.
[Day 7] The MV with the best rap scene.
[Day 8] The saddest MV you know.
[Day 9] The MV with the best dance or dance move.
[Day 10] The best last MV of a band that disbanded.
[Day 11] The best colorful MV.
[Day 12] The best MV in black & white .
[Day 13] The MV with the best story.
[Day 14] The best MV with the theme high school.
[Day 15] The best MV with the theme disco/party.
[Day 16] The best MV with the theme revenge.
[Day 17] A MV that makes you happy.
[Day 18] The MV with the best action scenes.
[Day 19] The most creativ MV.
[Day 20] The most intensive MV.
[Day 21] The weirdest MV.
[Day 22] The most heart breaking MV.
[Day 23] The hottest MV.
[Day 24] The best MV used as an advertising.
[Day 25] A MV that remindes you of summer.
[Day 26] The best MV with backstage footage.
[Day 27] The best MV contaning scenes of a movie.
[Day 28] The MV with the best kissing Scene.
[Day 29] The MV with the best dying scene.
[Day 30] Your all time favorite MV.

And here we go with....

[Day 1] Your favorite debut MV of a boy/girl band.

It's... OK from B1A4 !

They debuted last year in June? I dunno anymore. But it was summer 2011!
And I have to say that this song stucked in my ears for almost 4 weeks after I heard it the first time.
The MV is just fresh and cute - just like the 5 of them. I really like remembering their debut as well because their cute little love song came out when I was happily in love as well... lovely memories. ♥

... My second choice would have been Boyfriend's Boyfriend. They are also cute as hell !
[sorry... but stones have better decision-making abilities than I do.]

Anyway... I wish I could say I'd continue regular posting like that... but I'll be on a class trip from June 10 till June 16 and I'm not sure if I'll have Internet or the time to post regulary... I guess not.
And so I want to apologize to all who wait for the posts I talked about in the end of May.... 本当にごめんなさい!

.... I'd be happy if you'd join this challenge as well. It's really fun and I'm curious - as always!

 now listening to: Towa ni... by Kagrra, 


  1. Das debut von B1A4 ist wirklich extrem süß gewesen. Und ich stimme dir zu, sie sind alle 5 auch super süß! Hast du schon ihr neues MV gesehen?

  2. Das ist ja genial mit den 30 Tagen *-* Aww~ B1A4 also? x3 Am Anfang als ich es hörte, fand ich das Lied nur ganz OK XD Aber nun liebe ich diese zuckersüße Band ♥ owo Und BOYFRIEND's 1. MV mochte ich gar nicht xDD Die Zwillinge haben mir richtig Angst gemacht mit ihren großen Augen o.o