10 June 2012

{travel} for the last time - prague ✧ day 1

In case some of my new followers wander back in time and look up my oldest posts on this blog, I decided to re-edit the photos, considering that the quality of them was horrible and my editing skills even worse. I won't change what I wrote in these articles though - even if I really have to bring myself to not do it. It's impressive how much my way of wording has improved and how much the way I arrange the whole post, has changed over the last 3 years...

I'm in Prague now - on my last school trip.
I don't know how much I'll write now and if I'll have time to report the following days...
But I want to try it - at least.

We started off from Berlin this morning at 6:45h and went with the train to Prague.
It's Praha here which sounds little funny. But I like it.
Our hotel is really nice and quite new - opened 3 months ago I guess - and modern.
We have free WiFi and a TV and a huge bathroom.
I really like it and my room mates are nice as well... 

Actually we did not much after we arrived at 11:25h...
Just stayed at our rooms, went to the Palladium {a huge shopping center} to look around and afterwards to a nice restaurant. I shared a dish with Jessi...
Hmm... the atmosphere was nice and the waitress really friendly but my dish wasn't super delicious.
The others had really nice stuff so we actually shared everything to taste.

Now I'll just upload some photos.
Tomorrow we'll do a city trip through the historic city and then - let's see !
We'll do a shopping tour - for sure!! There are so many nice shops here and it's not expensive.
Anyway... just take a look and get a few impressions of my first day !

A skin cream I bought in a Schlecker store where we passed by. It's really hydrating.
In Germany every Schlecker store have to close now. They are bankrupt.

And of course: Bubble Tea ! ~ ♥
hibiscus milk with litchi boba. *^*

Stay tuned if you are curious !


  1. yay, wish u a super nice time there ♪

  2. OMG, du bist in Prag ehrlich?! *______* WUAH, ICH LIEBE PRAG♥ Einer meiner Lieblings Städte! x3 Wünsche dir übrigens noch einen schönen Aufenthalt! ^w^