24 June 2012

{event} Celebrating love - CSD Berlin 2012

Yesterday (Sa, 06-23 2012) was Christopher Street Day in Berlin.
The years before I forgot the date, lost it or had other events on that day so it was the first time for me joining this parade. I went there with my uncle Martin.

It was super awesome weather for it and we watched all the trucks passing by before we followed them through Berlin's inner city to the Brandenburg Gate.
It was loud, it was crowdy, it was hot and colorful. And it was so overwhelming and beautiful.
There were so many great costumes, some awkward ones as well. lol. And so many people.

We got bunches of stickers and flyers.... and everyone always went straight to my uncle, sticking him all over with funny/cute propaganda stickers: "Herz mich" (engl: Heart me ⇒ ♥ Me ⇒ Love me), "Erforsch mich" (engl: Discover me) - hrrr. - "Nimm mich" (engl: take me), and so on...
And I really, really love the verbal exchange we had during that...
Yuku: "Why are they always just sticking these on you? I'm right next to you but they always go straight to you and leave me out then!"
Martin: "Well... It's because I'm gay."

It's hard to describe the feelings you have in your body when you are part of this crowd, part of all these people showing their love, showing their pride.
You feel the deep bass sound in your tummy, which is caused by the super loud party music coming from all those passing trucks, and your heart is filled up with happiness and ... there are no words for it.
I just can thank Martin again to take me with him. It was such a cool and funny and great day!
I can't wait to go there next year as well!

Just a few more words before I'll flood you with photos:

To all the heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, ... whateverelsesexuals out there; 
stay true to yourself. Stay as beautiful as you are. 
Be proud of your feelings, of the love you feel. Show your pride, be strong

shitty outfit photo is shitty ... 

"gay and happy" (the orange sign)

"gay! ⇒" "sowhat?"

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  1. Ohhh, letztes Jahr war ich auch auf unsrem, und es war auch nur mega :D
    Und ja, irgendwie werden nur die Männer 'angemacht' oder miteinbezogen xD Aber war auch ganz gut so, ich mag eh nicht wenn fremde Menschen auf mich zukommen ö_ö; Bin da ein bisschen arg seltsam.
    Schön dass ihr den Tag zusammen genießen konntet! :3

  2. Wie gut (*_*)
    Ich war noch nie auf einem CSD weil ich mir da allein reichlich verloren vorkommen würd und außerdem tierisch Schiss hätte *lach* Zu viele fremde Menschen...
    Aber schön, dass du einen tollen Tag hattest :)