25 June 2012

{event} I'm so bad, I'm so late. - LM.C live in Berlin [May, 15]


I just realize that more than a month passed since that event.
I feel really bad posting now about it because it really was worth being posted right the next day or at least within the week afterwards...
I try to catch up with all the things I wanted to post about this and the following week now...
I apologize for my delay again... 

.... anyway Here we go !
I bought the tickets for this live already in February.
The one for my best friend P*chan - which was a birthday present then - and mine.
I just realized that we didn't made photos together this day, dear...
Shame on us

 I made this t-shirts for P*chan and me. Her t-shirt has the bunny on the back and mine the saying.

Anyway... the day was great and I was super excited. I didn't went to the live in Hamburg last year because I had not enough money and wasn't that into LM.C back then. 
Now I have to say, that changed! They might be not my absolutely favorite band but sure are one of the best bands I know and who I look up to !
I really, really enjoyed their live and feel really guilty that I can't give a proper concert review itself anymore... 

Another highlight on this Tuesday was that I was finally able to meet Aiji and Maya ! (I'll call them Jiji & Maa-chan from now on to prevent confusion)
I know Jiji for almost 5 years now... and thinking about it I really regret that we had hardly any contact three of this years... Anyway.
I'm so happy we kinda found each other again... and so I was actually almost more excited to see and meet them than because of LM.C. lol
It's a pity you both were super busy making people sign on this super great banner you brought, so we hardly could talk and stuff... 
But if I save a bit more money we'll surely see each other soon again!  
But I will save money and then we'll see each other soon again

Jiji & Yuku
P*chan and me just had regular tickets so we waited a little longer till the doors opened clocklike and we got inside the venue quite fast. I think I never stood this close to the stage before. But it was great.
I think... 4th row.
Columbia Club wasn't that stuffed. Usually it's worse. 
But because of that Henny was able to get next to us.
I was super surprised to see her there too, because we talked about the tour and the concert in school but she never told be she was planning to be there as well. 
Big surprise 
But it was really, really nice to be with her there.
Because Jiji, Maa-chan and a few others we waited together with were VIPs they went in earlier, 
so we couldn't stand really near or with them anymore. It was even greater to find another known face, a super good friend to party with then.

All in all you just have to say that maya and Aiji have a super great band around them. 
I kinda fell in love with their cute keyboarder. hehe
They did an amazing show and it was too cute how maya spoke English to us. I was a little bit confused though, because when we were still waiting outside a stuff member came to us, asking about German terms and I thought he was send to teach them later... sowhat.

As usually I almost took no photos. I prefer experience just all the impressions which flood me instead of worring to take good photos. Despite the fact that I saw it already some times that people got the boot because they were taking photo/ filming... Dunno but I don't need stuff like that. 

Just a rather bad photo of the venue after the concert when I was waiting at the merchandise table and the merch I bought. I was so sad but I haven't had enough money to buy the super great hoodie they had.
On the other hand I'm super content with the t-shirt.
The best tour t-shirt ever I guess. 
I like too that it seems to be the same as they had in Japan.
You have the Japanese dates down at the front, below the actual print and the European dates on the back.
AND: I finally bought their Strong Pop album. I use to play with the inlet so it appears that I have a different cover than the actuall CD had. haha
Originally I thought about giving a proper album review. But I feel too tired and insecure now - I never did something like that before....

before concert BBT.

the venue.

All in all I just can say that I really, really appreciated the day and this live.
It was definitely worth all the time and money and stuff.

I promise to do a better review about the next events and maybe I'll try this album review thing later as well...

 now listening to: Pierced by An Cafe 


  1. Waaau~! I would like to see them live. I haven't listened to visual stuff for a while, but LM.C was one of the bands I liked ^-^

    I agree! The first concerts I went to I always took lots of pics, that also means that there was less time to actually enjoy the music! Nau I don't take any pictures at all, but I can enjoy it much more!

  2. Whaa~ Das Shirt hast du selbst gedruckt/gemacht?! *O* SIeht super aus! *-* Und für deine Freundin auch noch, wie süß! >w<

  3. Thank you so much! Yeah, it takes some time to get used to, ahaha. But I'm planning to start a more "professional" blog, so I'll need a more straight style, I believe!

  4. oh LM.C ist meine ist eine meiner Lieblingsbands :3 würd die zu gern mal live sehn :D Maya sieht to cool aus! Ich flge dir jetzt ^.^ würd mich freun wenn du auch mal bei meinem Blog vorbeischaun würdest ;)

  5. Wow, scheint ja toll gewesen zu sein. *__* Ich konnte leider nicht hin, finde eure Shirts aber echt genial!

  6. ...Bis ich hier mal deinen neuen Blog gefunden hab.. man bin ich dumm! :'D
    Und ich bin auch nie wirklich schnell mit soetwas.. also mach dir keine Vorwürfe! xDD;

    Ja, es war einfach nur soo toll.. >3<
    Und es war auch toll, dich kennen gelernt zu haben ♥
    Baaald sehen wir uns ja auch schon wieder! **

    1. haha. Ich hab mich schon gefragt, wann du ihn findest... fand es aber auch dreist, dir den Link mit nem Hinweis dazulassen.. q:

      Jaah. Das hoffe ich allerdings auch.
      Dass es jetzt noch klappt und so. :/ ♥