13 June 2012

{travel} Pražský hrad - prague trip [day 3]

Now I'll write about yesterday - again...
Sorry but I don't think that I'll catch up on my delay...
Anyway... here we go with some big photo spam. haha

That's actually true because there is nothing much to tell about.
We got up early enough to eat break fast but later than before. All the other who decided to visit the Pražský hrad [Prague's castle] as well wanted to take the tram but our small group of four went by foot.
It wasn't that far, the weather was nice - sun was shining. 
Why should we spend money on a ticket then?

We went upstairs a long time to get to the castle and met two happy couples.
They looked so nice. And now I'm not wondering anymore why we have the June Bride Event at pupéegirl. 
Really beautiful dresses by the way.

Anyway... We just went through the parts of the castle which were for free... 
Didn't need to pay much money for that. 
We already saw so many churches and stuff when we were on other class trips.... 
It was really, really great anyway.
We had a good time, went through a wine yard on our way back downstairs and sat in a park for a while before we made our way back to the hotel.
It was a really nice day and we had a funny evening even though I forgot to take photos of it.

Photo spam here we go !

 the second couple. all in white. awww

 Kathi, Lena and Dave at the wine yard.

 bought that cute pen in a manufacture at the castle.

 me and the big, big lantern. haha

Looking through the photos again I remember how Dave, Kathi and I walked through the castle and the city, looking at the fronts of the buildings and discussing how and where Ezio or Altaïr would have been able to climb up or not. I think Lena was kinda confused cause she's the only one who don't know Assassin's Creed (II). It was really, really funny and kinda creepy anyway. Why did we just HAVE to think about that?
Anyway... we came to the end, they could make a game which is set in Prague as well !

Stay tuned and happy !

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  1. Haha, ich habe auch viele Paare gesehen, die geheiratet haben :DD Wieso auch immer..xDD