12 June 2012

{travel} the historic city - prague trip ✧ day 2

In case some of my new followers wander back in time and look up my oldest posts on this blog, I decided to re-edit the photos, considering that the quality of them was horrible and my editing skills even worse. I won't change what I wrote in these articles though - even if I really have to bring myself to not do it. It's impressive how much my way of wording has improved and how much the way I arrange the whole post, has changed over the last 3 years...

First of all: thanks for the cute comments and your wishes.
It's really nice here and I like the city much!
Second: Sorry for writing now... I just found no time yesterday... x_x
Anyway... here we go!

We had breakfast after we got up at 8h in the morning.
Breakfast is from 7-10am but because we met up for the city trip at 10h we decided to be at breakfast at 9h at the latest...
The breakfast is how you might imagine Hotel food... OK.
In fact it's not really good. But not bad though. Kinda... insipide eating the same stuff every day but in the end... it's fine.
Afterwards we got ready for the trip and started ... almost clock like at 10 am with our tour through Prague's historic city.
There are so many, many houses with beautiful fronts and many churches and cathedrals. So many houses who look like small palaces... so beautiful.
Of course... I almost forgot every name I was told... of every sight we visited.
Don't blame me, I was still really tired.
Our guide really told us much about the city and talked for almost 3h. 
It was kinda... hard to follow him but I tried my best.
I was happy we ended our tour on Charles Bridge {Karlův most in Czech} after 3 hours.
We went over it and started to discover Prague on our own then.
Here some photos for you.

Actually we just searched for something to eat, went through some stores wihtout buying anything {at least I} and got back in the late afternoon.
And we found a place which I think was fantastic. It was a wall - full of sayings, full of grafitti and stuff like that. But in fact: that's really art for me.
Just a few steps furhter we went over a bridge where those locks hang.
I'm sure they have a name but I don't know it.
I just know that it's a trend where couples write their names {usually} on those lockers and hang them on these bridges to show their love's eternity. I really like this.

When I tried to get back to my room I realized that Kathi and Lena were still missing and had the key with them.
Jessi was already there - waiting for them as well.
I think we sat there about 2h before we decided to go to the Palladium again, killing time and buying the last souvenirs for her family...
To be honest - we were really pissed but in the end you can't really blame them for taking their time. Now we decided to leave our key at the desk when all of us leave the Hotel....
Just to avoid something like that from now on...

Ah! I almost forgot.
We went into the Hard Rock Café shop by chance and I got a compliment for my outfit. *^*
This never happened to me before - at least I can't remember - especially by a person I don't know!
As always I forgot to take photos of the shop... but I think I will go there again the next days and maybe - I'm really going to buy something there.

Let's end this post with something delicious!
Chocolate Chip Frappuchino ~

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  1. Prag scheint eine voll schöne Stadt zu sein *_*
    ich wünsch dir noch einen schönen Aufenthalt dort und ganz viel Spaß ;)