25 July 2012

{★} Appreciation Award from Ada ♥

I got nominated for another award again.
And even though it's just another way to tag people I really feel honored every time anew.
I start to squeak like a little fan girl and proverbial leap around like crazy.
Because in the end receiving this kind of an award means that people already started memorizing your blog.
It's on their mind and that makes me kinda proud and really, really happy. Thank you, Ada!

So this time it's just about sharing this image/award.
Now I'll nominate some (the rules actually say 10) lovely bloggers who I would like to nominate for this.
And you - the one tagged nominated, you just have to post this pretty picture again.
It's that simple, isn't it?
And we still spread love and joy through it.

'wish it would always be this easy. 

I'm gardening the whole day for this week. The weather got super great and hot and almost painfully sunny - working in the sun for 2h is more that enough. I did 3 1/2h today and I feel all tired and everything. 
That's why I hardly come to blog even though I really want to. D:
So: I want to apologize for my lack of updates and hope that it will be better again soon !
Please stay patient, my beloved readers !

 now listening to: Just be friends by Utatane Piko (vocaloid)