28 July 2012

{fashion} a june's outifit post [2/2]

I think I wore this outfit when I went to a former class mate of me in June.
She and her family went on vacation and I cared for their cats during that time.
They have to really lovely cats... a cute ever-cuddly tom-cat (a Persian) and a easily-iffy lady cat... I guess she could be an Eqyptian mau. Eitherway two really beautiful pets with which I really enjoyed sharing my time. Anyway... back to the original topic - here comes the last outfit shot I found on my hard disk drive, made in June:

★ teddy headband by self-made
★ tube shawl by H&M
★ black cardigan by H&M
★ T-shirt by NEWYORKER
★ black pants by 1982
★ boots by Graceland/Deichmann
N/B: In June we had much rain and rather spring-like temperatures in Germany...

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