28 July 2012

{life update} gathered stuff of June

Second post today to end my belated posts of June before July is all over as well...
As in 28 ★ gathered stuff of May now all the photos from June!
...And some jabbering about them. 

 well... yeah.
at the beginning of June I really had a huge - and I mean really, really, really huge craving for chocolate pudding ... well, for pudding in general. So I gave my brother money when he went to the super market to get him some crisps and told he to buy ''some'' pudding for me. 
It wasn't my intention but he spended almost 5€ on chocolate pudding... It lasted for... phiu... about a week?
I wonder when I ever will get super fat from all the chocolate, crisps and pudding I eat... hoho

 Basically just a nice shot I took out of the train home when I went to the CSD with Martin. I wrote about it earlier... Check it out here: 22 ★ Celebrating love - CSD Berlin 2012

 This is where I live. Actually. It's a meadow and a small mount right across the street from my house.
Yeah. I live kinda in the woods. haha
But it looked so nice and sunny. Like summer so I thought it would be suitable for June's post.

 That's what I actually thought I did the whole month (June) - relaxing. Like Crumb is doing it here in the photo. I love how awkwardly twisted cats use to sleep...

Last but not least (I always feel dumb using this phrase because one of my teachers in elementary did so up to three times a lesson...): tons of strawberries!
My granny bought almost 22,5lbs of strawberries to cook jam.
Her whole kitchen seem to be awash in them... everywhere strawberries. I felt like in paradise!

So... though June was still like spring - much rain, just a bit sun it already was summer.
At least kinda.
I hope I'll finally manage to do some of the review I already talked about when I started my new blog...
Let's see. Please stay happy and patient!

 now listening to: 腐れ外道とチョコレゐト by ピノキオP 


  1. So einen Heißhunger hatte ich vor kurzen auch.. allerdings bei Eis! XD Seit ich das Taro Eis aus unserem Asia-markt probiert hatte, musste ich mich echt zusammen reissen. XD

  2. Mmmh, so viel Pudding! *q* Da fließt einen das Wasser im Mund zusammen xD Wuah, und so viele Erdbeeren, myam! >w<

  3. Hey, ich bin ein neuer Follower! ^-^
    Habe gerade erst deinen Blog entdeckt und fand deinen Schreibstil / deine Art sofort toll. :3
    Liebe Grüße. ♥

  4. So viele Erdbeeren, da wäre ich auch im Paradise!! XD
    Ich hab dich getaggt und fänds toll wenn du dran teil nimmst! http://akainokuchibiru.blogspot.de/2012/07/143ich-wurde-getagged.html

  5. Hey, du wurdest von mir getaggt♥ :3 ->

  6. Ich gleich nochmal, haha. :D
    Erstmal danke für's followen, das freut mich sehr. ^-^
    Du wurdest auch von mir getaggt!


    Es wär toll, wenn du mitmachen würdest. :3

  7. woah soviele erdbeeren *OOOO*